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Get some new batteries in your remotes, because you're going to need them today. At 3:08 PM, the Penguins and Flyers face off in a crucial Game Six at the Wachovia Center. Equally as intriguing will be the interaction between fans of the two teams, especially in light of the internet war of words that's developed in the time since the last meeting in Philadelphia.

At 4 PM, it's the 2009 NFL Draft, which has a number of local storylines. Will the Steelers go for Oregon's Max Unger as many think, or could they be thinking defense? Where will Shady McCoy end up? Or how about the guy that's become the X-factor du jour in this year's draft, WVU's Pat White? Luckily, the draft moves at roughly the same speed as Casey Hampton, so you'll have plenty of time to catch up should you miss some happenings.

At 10:05 PM, the 9-7 Pirates put the wraps on a busy day of sports with a matchup against the San Diego Padres. Unfortunately, the Battlin' Bucs fell victim to Brian Giles knocking in the winning run in the 11th inning of last night's 4-3 Padre victory. Zach Duke (2-1, 2.95) tries to even the series tonight against Shawn Hill (1-0, 3.60). By the time that game ends, your thirst for sports should be fully quenched...until the draft resumes at 10 AM on Sunday.

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Ryan said...

Again, to prove again what kind of scum exist in Philadelphia, the fans are booing, yes booing Pascal Dupuis for taking a high stick to the face and thus stopping play. WTF?!?