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A couple of notes I wanted to get in before Game Four...

--Ryan Doumit is out 8-10 weeks, further cementing his spot in the "fragile" category for the foreseeable future. 25-year-old catcher Robinson Diaz, hitting .350 at Indy, takes his roster spot. [KDKA/PSI]

--Is there more to the Gary Russell release than meets the eye? It's beginning to look that way. [Steelers Depot]

--The Roscoe Parrish-to-the-Steelers rumors are not going away. It could be worse. At least it's not another certain Buffalo receiver.... [Yahoo!]

--Ron Cook says the Pens should stick with Petr Sykora. Can you ever imagine a scenario in which Pens fans would clamor for Miroslav Satan? [PG]

--My buddy Dave Dameshek talks to Mark Sanchez, the "it" QB who's being pursued by roughly half the league. [710 ESPN]

--Gene Collier explores a draft in which you could take anyone who ever lived. Even with that as the backdrop, I'd still take Big Ben #1. [Talent Network News]

--One more day in the Pirates' charity auction to benefit the Fallen Heroes Fund. John Russell's jersey tops the $2,000 mark! []

--Also, one more day in the Thabeet Caption Contest, which I would categorize as "wide open" at this point. $50 memorabilia shopping spree up for grabs. [MH]

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Real McCoy said...

Thanks for the Gene Collier mock draft link. I heard that years ago on DVE. I think Scott Paulson was on the morning show then.