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The Steelers confirmed today that they'll be opening the 2009 season on Thursday, September 10 against the Terrible Towel-stomping, Chris Hope and Nate Washington-employing Tennessee Titans. I'm guessing the above incident will be mentioned roughly 2,500 times between now and then, so let me take this opportunity to be one of the first to take this unoriginal angle.

The last time the Steelers played in this game, the year was 2006, their quarterback was Charlie Batch, and their opponent was the Miami Dolphins, featuring the short-lived combination of Culpepper-to-Welker. Heath Miller had an 87-yard touchdown. Joey Porter kissed Bill Cowher on the cheek. Jerome Bettis entered Heinz Field on a bus that took him onto the turf. Nick Saban was on the Dolphin sidelines. Needless to say, it was as interesting as it sounds some three years later.

Steelers to open 2009 season against Titans

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Joshua said...

Ive had the same text errors by having to highlight it all. However, I hasn't happened in a few days. I am using xp and firefox if that helps.

SantoGold said...

Time to take the Thanksgiving Game away from the Lions and serve them up as the opponent of the SBowl champ in the opener every season.