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Leftwich? Batch? The Steelers solved their backup QB conundrum this week with an answer that may surprise you. Introducing #11, Conan O'Brien. He immediately takes over Jeff Reed's title of best hair on the team.O'Brien was actually in town to visit WPXI, and at a reception Pittsburgh city councilman Doug Shields presented O'Brien a proclamation, declaring June 1 Conan O'Brien Day in Pittsburgh. June 1 would be the day that O'Brien will be taking over the Tonight Show from Jay Leno, and apparently Pittsburgh is excited about it.

WPXI and the Steelers had one last surprise in store: a visit from everyone's favorite Bill Cowher look-alike, the hardhatted, unshaven Steely McBeam, who apparently got out of work early at the steel mill to join in the fun.Conan O'Brien Visits WPXI-TV [WPXI]

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SantoGold said...

Pic #1: Conan's hair looks like its taking on a life of its own.

Pic #2: Why does Conan look like he's being held here at gunpoint?

Pic #3: "Nobody said anything about making nice with a gay steelworker."

whykiki said...

SantoGold, Conan's grimace is shades of Favre's introductory press-conference at the Meadowlands. But in the Cone-bone's defence, it's hard being a Patriots rooter in Stiller country. In fact, I'm surprised somebody wasn't murdered.