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Tough weekend for the Pitt basketball programs. The men's team got its heart ripped out in front of a prime-time, national TV audience on Saturday night, and the women's team got bounced from the Sweet 16 with a 70-59 loss to Oklahoma last night on ESPN2.

The Panthers accomplished their mission of stopping center Courtney "Daughter of Bubba" Paris, the player who famously said she would give back her scholarship if Oklahoma failed to win the national title this year - a bet worth about $64,000. Paris had only 10 points after dealing with early foul trouble - kinda like Dejuan Blair Syndrome. But it would be teammate Whitney Hand's 22 points that would ultimately do in the Panthers on this night.

As far as other Oklahoma players with famous relatives, Carlee Roethlisberger finished with only a three-pointer in 22 minutes of action. She was 1-for-6 from the floor. I saw that big brother was going to make an appearance on ESPN's First Take to talk about his sister, which means there's probably video of that floating out there somewhere in the internets if you're interested.

Senior Shavonte Zellous led Pitt with 18 points and nine rebounds. The Panthers finished 25-8. Oklahoma moves on to the Elite Eight against Purdue on Tuesday night.

Pitt Women: Sooners, Paris turn out lights on Panthers [PG]

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AME said...

Anyone know what was up with Oklahoma acting like they just won the World Series after hitting a three in the first half?

Do all womens basketball teams act like that or only them?

That albino looking thing that Courtney Paris is owning in that picture might be the ugliest womens basketball player since Rebecca Lobo. Ew.

Reggie Dunlop said...

dude, be nice

Unknown said...

I don't know, AME makes some good points.