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PIC OF THE DAYRobert Morris came through, winning the NEC Championship and a spot in the NCAA tournament with a dramatic, last-second victory over Mount St. Mary's. It's the most excitement the Sewall Center's seen since the last bi-annual card show was in town.

Here's a Bud Light parody commercial called "Burghability" from the creative minds at Benstonium.

--Pens-Blue Jackets tonight in Columbus, here's a preview of what's in store. [Empty Netters]

--WVU beat Notre Dame in the BET, probably because the Irish scored all of 18 points in the first half. And you know what that means: Pitt-WVU in Backyard Basketball Brawl III on Thursday night. The Panthers are 23-8 at Madison Square Garden since 2001. I like those odds. [PG]

--Duquense opened strong in the A-10 tournament, getting 23 from Melquan Bolding in a 91-81 victory over UMass. The Dukes had five guys in double figures; next up is 2-seed Rhode Island at 6:30 on Thursday. [ESPN]

--SI's Seth Davis on who wins this year's tournament:

All right, let's cut to the chase here. Who is going to win this thing?

I like to save my official pick for the Selection Show. If I spoiled the suspense here, what reason would you have to watch? While I always reserve the right to wait until the last possible moment to make up my mind, let's just say it's pretty unusual for a city to celebrate both a Super Bowl championship and an NCAA championship in the same year. This is feeling like one of those years.

--Memphis players say they’ll return their salary if the Tigers don’t win the NCAA Title. How big of them. [Sports Pickle]

--The coaches have been announced for the new UFL football league, and they're pretty much the names we've heard: Denny Green, Jim Fassel, Ted Cottrell, and Jim Haslett.

Remember a few months ago when Haslett got off to a hot start, the Rams talked about removing the "interim" tag, and everyone got up in arms about NFL hiring rules? Seems like eons ago. [KDKA]

--Turns out that the whole Rinku/Dinesh/Topps thing was a misunderstanding. Imagine that. [Deadspin]

--Ever wonder where the phrase "drinking the Kool-Aid" came from? Here's your answer. [PB&G]

--Matt Cooke Moustache Designer time! [Tim Benz/WXDX]

--A statisical analysis of the greatest NFL defenses of all time. Tons of great research in this piece. [Behind the Steel Curtain]

--Here's a very intereting list of the top 100 players in college basketball this season. Blair, Young, and Fields are all present...but where? I guess you'll have to click the link to find out. [College Hoops]

--Mark Madden tells us how to fix the Penguins' ailing power play. [The X Pens Page]

--There's a beer in Canada called "Steeler" that's been in production since 1986. I don't know what it would take to feature this in Pittsburgh, but someone's missing out on a boatload of money. [Lakeport Brewing]

--A blogger shares his experience with steroids. I'm pretty sure this isn't his real picture. [Major League Jerk]

--I'll just quote the story here:

A herd of deer went for a beer run in Westmoreland County. Three deer walked through an open door at the Beer Arena in Greensburg last Friday. Customers and employees scrambled to get out the way as the deer went wild inside the store, jumping over counters and running around the aisles.

And yes, there's video. This is why we all love the internet. [WPXI]

--What in the world is going on at the Downtown McDonald's? [PG]

--We had a story a few weeks ago about adults fighting at Chuck E. Cheese's, and now the epidemic has come to Collier Twp. And guess what? A four-year-old got hurt in the melee. [KDKA]

--Motley Crue + Hershey, PA = 11 arrests. Could've seen that coming. [Pennlive]

--The Top 10 foods of the '80s are revealed. That's way too low for Orange Julius. [Yahoo! Food]

--From my buddies at Straight Outta Johnstown:

"Big news in Johnstown. Our 90's weatherman was convicted of sexual abuse years ago, so he went on the lam. He got away for four years, but last Thursday US Marshalls caught him in Kiev, Ukraine. He was over there allegedly trying to start a Ukranian weather channel. The Johnstown news media stopped covering the story -- I guess they're protecting their own. SOJ is the only Johnstown news outlet covering the story -- mostly with terrible photoshops." [Straight Outta Johnstown]

--Emailer John G. thinks this guy resembles our beloved Skippy:

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Koz said...

That guy at the bottom is an "If they mated" for Petr Sykora and Jeff Reed.

Anonymous said...

Steeler beer is rated more like it's the Detroit Lions of the beer world. Only 4th percentile out of 100.

Vince said...

Yeah I had it when me and my friends went up to Canada when we were 19... I saw it in "The Beer Store" (that is actually what it is called), and got an oil can of it... It's made by lebats and it's pretty horrible...

ScottSD said...

I say he looks more like a lovechild between Skippy and Joe Dirt.