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"This is a picture of me skiing in Zermatt the day of the Dallas game (the big peak in the background is the Matterhorn). Seeing as I was in Switzerland, Ben's homeland, and it was game day, it was a no-brainer that I would ski in his jersey. I drew plenty of strange looks, but no one seemed to know who Ben was. How short their memories must be! I guess it's time for Ben to do another post-Super Bowl victory tour of Switzerland to remind them of who their favorite son is." -- Greg

President Obama takes in a Wizards game, and more than one reader pointed out to me that Steeler fans were sitting behind him. Seriously, we have problems.

A story on the missing NFL boaters is probably not the best placement for this McDonald's ad. (from Nipsy)


--"What does a robber do when his photo is on the news?

A. Leave town
B. Change his appearance
C. Hand yourself to the police--but say it wasn't you in a Steeler jacket downtown when everyone saw you there. They'll believe it wasn't you---for about a month when they have enough evidence to indict." -- from SOB

--"I was reading the PG's sports section this morning and I glanced over Smizik blog's headline. Another day, another wet blanket post. I think it would be a good idea to have a Smizik blog headline contest on Mondesis House. It could be about just Pittsburgh sports or just new in general. I think this might be comedic gold.

Here's a sampling of some headlines in the past few weeks:
Don't get excited about exhibition games
LaRoche not the answer
There's no lottery in Blair's future
What are Seattle and Griffey thinking?"

-- Jim P.

--Pens 3, Lightning 1 in Tampa last night, as Disco Dan's boys move to 6-1-1, 4-0 sans Crosby. and 3-0 on the road trip. Chris Kunitz continued his hot play with two goals, Matt Cooke added one, and MAF stopped 32 of 33. And Ruslan Fedotenko missed on an empty net, but who's counting? Florida is the next victim on Thursday night. [PG]

--Eric Godard threw down with David Koci last night:

--Familiar with Then you'll love the Eklund Rumour Generator.

--Plan on camping out at TSN's Tradecentre as the deadline approaches today. [TSN]

--Steeler fans unload on the Florida Times-Union. Once again, Steeler Nation remains strong in numbers...and also remains very defensive. []

--Other than swamping a newspaper with email, nothing shows your Steeler support like a $35 six-pack of commemorative ketchup. It's a "six-pack"! Get it? []

--James Harrison's agent told Bob Pompeani he's 'certain' a deal would get done with the Steelers. And who would lie to Bob Pompeani? [KDKA]

--An Interview with Max Starks [Whatcha Talkin Bout]

--Nobody wants Ray Lewis. Hey, don't look in this direction. We've already got too many awesome linebackers of our own. [Shutdown Corner]

--Here's the Maurice Clarett prison blog that's created quite the buzz this week. [The Mind of Maurice Clarett]


--The Pirates are not interested in Barry Bonds. Just like the Steelers, we've already got way too much talent to even consider this. [Bucs Dugout]

--Dan Shaugnessy isn't even trying anymore. [Major League Jerk]


--Is Rod Rutherford going to join the Pitt staff? Sure, he can teach the guys how to shutout Penn State. [Redshirt Diaries]


--Nothing like some Pennsylvania roller rink mayhem! []

--Eddie Murphy will play Richard Pryor in a movie. []

--Jerry Seinfeld is coming back to NBC as producer of The Marriage Ref, a nonfiction series that will feature opinionated celebrities, comedians and sports stars offering commentary and advice to real-life couples enduring "classic marital disputes." [Variety]

--From the Headline Says it All Department: "Neb. deputies say man stuffed cat inside 'bong'". []

--We've seen the Bill Cowher auction, but how about all the treasures to be found in the Michael Jackson auction? []

--A look at the new Pittsburgh-based video game, Fallout 3: the Pitt. [Steve is Alive]

--It's the The 10 Best Chain-Restaurant Food Items Of All Time! [Manofest]

--And The 10 Worst Shows On Television Right Now [Manofest]

--This is an old link, but did you know TV pitchman Billy Mays is from McKees Rocks? Somehow, this makes sense. [Trib]

*And yes, I have considered throwing $20 down for his new slider pan:

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Justin said...

Mays is from Mckees Rock not Mckeesport

Louis Lipps is my homeboy said...

Bill Guerin's a Penguin:

He's like 90, but it will cost us a 3rd rounder IF we make the 2nd round of the playoffs.

Anonymous said...

Pittsburghers - we live and work among you everyday.