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-The Pens win again: I don't think they could lose if they tried right now, as they picked up two more points in a very big game against Florida last night. As you can see in the video above, Sidney Crosby didn't miss a beat, scoring a highlight reel goal assisted by Bill Guerin. That's a sentence I couldn't have even typed at the beginning of the week.

Tyler Kennedy scored twice and Kris Letang added another, while Marc-Andre Fleury stopped 31 shots in the crease. It's been an amazing road trip, but it could end on a tremendous high note with some vengeance at Washington on Sunday. [PG]

--It's going to be a great weekend of rivalries for Pittsburgh sports fans, with Pens-Caps on Sunday and Pitt-UConn on Saturday. [PG]

-The red-hot Buccos take on Tampa Bay today, and here are your lineups. [By Gosh, It's Langosch]

-Good news for Pitt football: LB Adam Gunn has been granted a sixth year of eligibility (if he can get medically cleared to play). [Redshirt Diaries]

-The Nittany Lions basketball team won in the last second against #23 Illinois last night. [Chicago Tribune]

-James Harrison will not get the kind of money he's expecting from the Steelers, writes Mark Madden. [WXDX/Madden]

-Not a big surprise here: no one wants Terrell Eldorado Owens. (And yes, that's his real middle name). [The Big Lead]

-An alligator is being blamed for starting a fire in a Lawrence County building. And yes, there's video! [WPXI]

-The Pittsburgh Sports Blog Tournament is in the final round, and barring a major miracle, it looks like Mondesi's House is going to finish as the runner-up to The Pensblog, which is as solid of a blog as you'll ever read. Thanks to all of you who put MH in the finals. Voting ends at 5 PM tonight.

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BurressWithButterflywings said...

Anybody have thoughts on KENNEDY! not being named one of the 3 Stars last night?

the nigerian nightmare said...

I can't wait til PSU knocks Pitt out of the tourney :)

BurressWithButterflywings said...

Pitt isn't going to be in the NIT though........

the nigerian nightmare said...

Pretty sure PSU's NCAA invite is all but sealed bud.....and the Pitt remark was sarcastic. Or was it?

Unknown said...

Yeah, I'm sure Pitt is scared to death of facing a team that put up 38 points against Illinois. If that game were to happen, I'd rest most of the team, put only Young, Blair and Fields in and still take Pitt to win by double digits.

nuthinhere said...

Its always nice to hear about my former hometown (New Castle), even if its something really odd. The only time New Castle makes the news is for something strange, absurd, or criminal.