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The legal parade of Super Bowl 43 heroes continued here in Pittsburgh on Monday, as record-setting linebacker James Harrison was in court fighting a few speeding tickets from 2007. The reigning Defensive Player of the Year had two tickets, both from June of 2007, that he was contesting. The first ticket was dismissed because the officer was a no-show in court. The second, which claimed Harrison was driving 81 in a 40 MPH zone, was reduced to going five miles over the speed limit. So I guess it was worth the trouble for #92 to show up. I find the whole thing tremendously ironic given Harrison's recent contract talks and the fact that the current measuring stick for defensive contracts, Albert Haynesworth, has had some speeding issues of his own to deal with.

As I alluded to earlier, this would be the second Super Steeler to appear in a Pittsburgh court in the last month. A few weeks ago, Santonio Holmes was in court for that little marijuana issue while getting praised by the presiding judge.

And what does Mr. Rooney think of all this? I'm not sure - he's probably too busy thinking about that Irish Ambassador position that is looking like more and more of a possibility.

Steelers’ Harrison In Court To Fight Speeding Tickets [WPXI]

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Anonymous said...

There's a perfectly good explanation for this. He had to race home because his friend was about to commit suicide. The guy was so devastated he couldn't become a banker and wanted to kill himself. Yes, he was speeding but it was to save a man's life.

Eileen Flinn said...

It's not unusual to get a speeding ticket reduced to going five miles over the speed limit if you have a pretty clean driving record. It calls for the full fine, but you get no points on your driving record. I always tell people it's worth it to fight speeding tickets because in most cases, either the cop doesn't show up or you can get them to agree to plead it down. This, of course, is premised on not being a jerk to the cop when he pulls you over. They just want the money from the fines.

jmarinara said...

I couldn't think of a person LESS qualified to be an ambassador than Dan Rooney. Running a football team. . . phenomenal. Delicate foreign policy in a growing globalist world (especially to a country fighting for it's own sovereignty against the EU). . . not so much.

But then again, who ever said experience counted for anything in an Obama White house?