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It was a great weekend for the Pittsburgh Penguins, earning three points in two weekend games against Ottawa and Boston, but there's some bad news to pass along: Geno Malkin is under the weather.

The league scoring leader is reportedly sick and resting today. The Trib says his status for tomorrow's game against Atlanta is still uncertain, but the PG reports that Malkin is expected to be in the lineup.

In other Pens news, newly-acquired Eric Tangradi has been suspended indefinitely for throwing a water bottle at a referee in an OHL game. Between that incident and his classic Youtube clip that's made the rounds, Tangradi will have quite a rep carved out before he's played a single game in the NHL.

Malkin ill, misses Pens practice [Trib]
Penguins Crosby earns NHL honors; Malkin ill [PG]
Pittsburgh Penguins Top Prospect Suspended Indefinitely [Bleacher Report]

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BurressWithButterflywings said...

We need to call this kid up immediately in case we run into the Crapitals in the playoffs.

This is one of the things I love about hockey over football; someone showboats and taunts right in front of the other team's bench like that, they are going to pay.

In the NFL, I wouldn't be surprised to see opposing players celebrating with the other team if they knew it could get their mug on Sportscenter.

Justin said...

The best part of that video you posted is that Tangradi's stick is over the bench the entire time, and DiDomenico just runs into it because he's too busy taunting the American bench. Tangradi didn't "poke the stick out" like the announcers said he did at all.

Of course, that's not what the suspension's about. Throwing something at an official just strikes me as immaturity showing itself, which is kind of scary. I hope he doesn't come to the NHL with Steve Downie-type baggage. We might be seeing why Anaheim was so ready to get rid of him.

Justin said...

EDIT: ...too busy taunting the American bench to watch where he's going.