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The Pitt Panthers finally scored that long-coveted #1 seed last night despite their Big East Tournament hiccup against West Virginia, and as the photo above illustrates, everyone is excited. I've heard numerous voices think that the Panthers have the easiest path to the Final Four among the four #1 seeds; of course, I've also seen that oddsmakers favor North Carolina to win the whole thing.

So tell me, loyal Pitt faithful, are you picking with your heads or your hearts when filling out your bracket this year? I'll be honest, I'm taking the Panthers to win it all. If they ever have a shot, I think this is the year. If you're not taking Pitt, why not? And who would you pick instead?


In other local tournament news, there was a bit of a letdown this weekend when Duquesne got bumped by Temple in the A-10 final, ending the dream of having all the D-1 Pittsburgh teams in the tournament in the same year. The Dukes will be instead participating in the NIT for the first time since 1994, where they'll travel to Virginia Tech for a first-round game on Wednesday. They'll be joined in the NIT by Penn State, they of the burst bubble, who will face off against George Mason on Tuesday night.

As for Robert Morris, they've been handed the task of taking down Michigan State at approximately 9:50 PM on Friday night in Minneapolis. Here's just about everything you'd want to know about that game. And if you'd like to see Pitt and first-round opponent East Tennessee State side-by side, here's where you can do that. The Panthers game will start at approximately 2:55 PM on Friday, so expect many Yinzers to suddenly fall ill at some point on Friday afternoon.

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tittg said...

I can't pick Pitt because I don't see anyway Blair goes 6 straight games against good competition without getting into a lot of foul trouble. And we all know what happens when he's in foul trouble.

BurressWithButterflywings said...

This is always a tough call, that's why I fill out 2 brackets. I think this Pitt team has a lot of scoring depth and talent that can go a long way. But keeping Blair in the game is going to be the most difficult task.

Let's Go Pitt!

Adam said...

I'm picking Oklahoma St. over Pitt for the simple reason that just about all the people in my bracket pool are picking them to win it all. Do I necessarily believe Pitt will lose? No. But if they do, you might as well hand me the money, because it will be all over for everyone else.

The Duke from Dukes Court said...

I do think Pitt's road is one of the easier ones, but I still do not see them making the Final Four.

If the Panthers do exit the tournament before the Elite Eight all the people who start hating on Jamie Dixon can shut up now. Jamie is a fantastic coach, he runs his program the right way and Pitt is lucky to have one of the top coaches in the NCAA, and that is coming from a Duquesne fan.

Unknown said...

I like Pitt's chances at making the Final Four. There might be a game where Blair gets into foul trouble, but I think Sam Young and Levance have the talent to carry Pitt against most teams in the East region. They did it recently against Marquette and they were practically even with WVU at the half during Big East tourney.

And Pitt has the depth and experience this year to wear down a team that gets on a hot-shooting streak, like a Nova or Duke.

BURGH08 said...

I don't know if I can even pick a bracket.

I'm so disappointed in that 'bitter rivalry' not happening between Penn State and Pitt in that 1-9 see matchup that Adam predicted.

Oh well. Guess you can't spell Nittany without NIT.

Adam said...

I never predicted that. That was some other jackhole. Look it up.

BurressWithButterflywings said...

Adam is correct, that was NigerianNightmare.

He also said PSU's NCCA Dance ticket was already punched.

Adam, what the hell, you didnt show up at Cain's!?

Anonymous said...

I'm picking Pitt in about half of the brackets that I'm in including your. Like just about everyone else though, I think it will come down to Blair's foul problems.

Adam said...

Yes, I did predict that. Before USC and Miss. St. screwed us over.


Go State! Beat the Patriots!

SantoGold said...

I can't pick Pitt. I think they'll have problems with either OK St or Tennessee. Tittg said it best. Blair will not go 6 games without foul trouble.