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--Pens at Lightning tonight, here's a preview. As you can see, Geno and Jordan are excited. [Empty Netters]

--Pitt is #3 and #4 in the polls following that hiccup last week against Providence. Joyless Jim Calhoun, who generates $12 million a year for Connecticut, is back in the top spot. [ESPN]

--The Buccos take on the Dutch entry from the WBC today, which includes famous Dutchman and former weiner-whacking Pirate Randall Simon on their roster. [PBC Blog]

--Pirate John Grabow has been added to the Team USA roster. USA will play the Yankees today, which means Derek Jeter will be playing against his own team. [Trib, Newsday]

--Here's the video of the ESPN Outside the Lines on the publicity machine that is Rinku and Dinesh. [Raise the Jolly Roger]

--2009 Steeler fantasy camp costs $599, but you get to meet Louis Lipps AND Delton Hall! []

--Belated happy birthday wishes go out to Big Ben, and here's a celebratory photoshop compilation. [One for the Other Thumb]

--Casey Hampton will be honored by his hometown of Galveston, Texas at a fundraiser for Hurrican Ike relief. []

--We no longer have towel-abusing TJ Houshmandzadeh to hate in the AFC North, as he signed with Seattle. Enjoy the rain and whiny fan base. [ESPN]

--Pittsburgh's own Jason Taylor, cut by Washington, could be headed to Tampa. [PFT]

--Mondesi's House has qualified for the Pittsburgh Sports Blog Final Four, and voting ends at 8 PM tonight. [Sean's Ramblings]

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Anonymous said...

I would pay a lot more than $599 to meet Delton Hall.