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Forget Guy Fieri. The Food Network needs to make this featured programming. I could watch Malkin make pierogies and not speak English all day. But my favorite part is around the 7 minute mark, when Geno gets a phone call and bails on the segment. Obviously, it would be asking too much to edit that out.

Cooking With Evgeni [Pens TV Online]

Also, Puck Daddy had a pretty funny take on the video that's worth a click:
Video: Evgeni Malkin and Alyonka Larionov heat up the kitchen

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Broke But Still Drinking said...

I'll bet she was dessert.

Steve said...

Everyone needs to start throw perogies on the ice now when Geno scores. Throwing hot blondes would be better but it could get messy.

Chris said...

Look at the way he's eying her over!! If she wasn't desert, I'm pretty sure he wanted her to be.

MJ said...

I'm pretty sure that was porn music in the background.