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Leave it to the sleuths at Busted Coverage to get their hands on some pictures of Steelers kicker Jeff Reed, pre-Sheetz towel dispenser incident. They're pretty much like any other Jeff Reed bar pictures you've ever seen with the exception that these were the ones taken before his 3 AM citation. As you can see, he was not out in the community doing public service prior to that incident. But check out BC's site for a full rundown of that evening's events.

What really hits me is that in the day and age of the hyperprotective athlete, Reed throws caution to the wind and continues to do his own thing. Of course, he doesn't have million-dollar endorsement deals to worry about, but still, he doesn't seem to mind his internet photo persona one iota. He's officially become the Joe Namath of placekickers. One can only hope that Suzy Kolber interviews him on the sidelines of a Steeler game about 30 years after he retires.

Yep! Jeff Reed Doing Shots (Photos) Just Hours Before Kicking Towel Dispenser Ass, Getting Arrested [Busted Coverage]

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Broke But Still Drinking said...

People beat up stuff at Sheetz all the time. Just ask one of the 30 cops hanging out there.

SantoGold said...

Somewhere, Matt Leinhart is nodding in approval at Skippy's escapades.