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Ever wonder what Mike Tomlin looked like during game action in his William & Mary days? Of course you did. I know I stay up all night wondering if video would one day be available. And finally, my prayers have been answered. Enjoy.

*Thanks to Vincent T. for the tip

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SantoGold said...

Looks like he was open on that post pattern all the time. I'm guessing Bruce Arians wasn't the offensive coordinator at William & Mary during those years.

Steve said...

If anyone is ever in Williamsburg, VA., there's a sandwich/pizza place there called Paul's Deli. Lots of William & Mary sports memorabilia on the wall, including some Tomlin game action photos and even a Tomlin autographed Steelers helmet.

Oh and they've got killer sandwiches there too!

HotDog_Zanzabar said...

Just a wild guess but, when Tomlin was a player I'm assuming it was his job to perform, and his coach's job to evaluate.

Unknown said...

love the music

RedHawks Hockey said...

damn he catches everything!

Anonymous said...

No longer available:(