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Today is a day for the true die-hards, the day where people skip out of work or school to stand in the snow, endure large crowds, and deal with traffic nightmares while waiting for their Steeler heroes to drive past them. It's the Steeler victory parade, and it's happening at noon, despite earlier claims that it might not happen at all.

The last parade gave us a few classic moments, most notably Bill Cowher dressed up as your dad on chore day taunting the Bengals with a "Who Dey? We Dey!" chant.

So what's going to be the lasting image or memory of this parade? Hines Ward making a dramatic entrance out of his hyperbaric chamber? A helicopter landing in the middle of the parade with Barack Obama and Dan Rooney emerging while waving Terrible Towels? I guess we'll just have to wait in traffic and see.

City to Salute Steelers [PG]
Traffic at a standstill for parade preparation [PG]

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