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"I'm stationed in Camp Taji, Iraq with the 856 Engineer Company out of Punxsutawney. And, yes, every time we introduce ourselves over here people know two things: you know that groundhog, and you love the Steelers. I just wanted to add to your pics of Terrible Towels from all over the world with this one. It was taken the day the Men of Steel triumphed in SB43." -- SPC Jared Lorenz, Iraq

Sidenote: anytime I get a photo of one of the brave souls protecting us, you can take it to the bank that it's getting posted.


Super Bowl 43: The Heroics of a Championship


"First off, yes I am the one who own's the Limas Sweed jersey you saw at Wal-Mart... but, I need your help finding a jersey so special, that it will make you forget my past jersey buying mistakes...maybe not but, still I need your help. I am looking for a 1994 NFL 75th anniversary Rod Woodson throwback Steelers jersey... the one that had the City's shield on the front. I know you remember. Do you happen to know of anywhere I could find this jersey... I need a size 3x... please help!!!" -- Chris K., Stockdale


Reader Grant B. from Pittsburgh found an eBay auction offering such a jersey, and I'm sure Chris appreciates the legwork:



--Steelers entering the final year of their contract include RB Willie Parker, LB James Harrison, WR Hines Ward, TE Heath Miller, C Justin Hartwig, S Ryan Clark, CB Deshea Townsend, DE Brett Keisel, NG Casey Hampton, K Jeff Reed. Yiiiiikes. [FanHouse]

--Hines Ward undergoes shoulder surgery; no surgery needed for his knee. Thankfully, his ribs are fine. [WTAE]

--City Council wastes more time correcting an erroneous SB43 proclamation [PG]

--Great article on the NFL copyright claim against the South Side print shop from Mark Madden [WXDX/Mark Madden]

--Forgot to mention this, but the Steelers are picking up CFL all-purpose RB Stefan Logan. Mewelde Moore can't be pleased about this turn of events. [CBC]

--Get to know JB Smith, the venture capitalist who's going to wisely invest in the Steelers. [CNBC]

--Santonio's gloves are up to $16,000, still a bargain when considering the significance of the play. []

--Stan Savran visits with Dave Dameshek and talks about Ben's ribs (but not his BBQ sauce) []


--Great interview of Geno Malkin by Yahoo's Puck Daddy [Puck Daddy]

--Jaromir to Edmonton? I thought he was coming back to Pittsburgh? [PSI]

--An in-depth examination of the correlation between Penguin uniforms and their on-ice results [PB&G]


--Rinku and Dinesh insist that they are not publicity stunts [PG]

--Baseball Prospectus predicts 65 wins for the 2009 Buccos [Baseball Prospectus]


--FYI, The Mosh Pitt is back up and running. Mosh responsibly. [The Mosh Pitt]


--Will SI eventually go to an uncensored version of the swimsuit issue on Honestly, it won't take much more effort at this point. [SPORTSbyBROOKS]

--Fallout 3: the Pitt, the video game based in Pittsburgh, is available soon [USA Today]

--Here's a definitive Grammy wrapup, with oodles of video, including the pregnant rapper [This is Getting Old]

--Will Smith leads the list of Hollywood's most valuable actors/actresses. [Forbes]

--A tribute to fallen sodas. How I miss Crystal Pepsi. [Gunaxin]

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