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Some extras from today...

--The Pirates are undefeated. That's right, they beat the World Champion Phillies, 8-2, in their spring opener. Take that, Philadelphia.

Pedro Alvarez hit eight solo homers in the win. OK, I'm kidding. He struck out. But 2B Shelby Ford did hit a three-run dinger, and the much-heralded Chris Bootcheck pitched a scoreless inning. No mention of Rinku and/or Dinesh in the box score.[]

--"How To Destroy a Great Sports City: The Pittsburgh Edition". Have fun with this. [Stet Sports Blog]

--James Harrison and the Steelers' ongoing contract discussions hit a snag. Not surprisingly, it's about money. [ESPN]

--Lamarr Woodley met a throng a Steeler fans at his Giant Eagle DVD signing. But did he get any Fuelperks? [WTAE]

--Steve is Alive Braband came up with his Steeler draft wish list, based on his scouting the combine on the NFL Network. Works for me! [Steve is Alive]

--The Steelers have no obvious targets to cut, at a time when teams like Tampa are shedding what seems like half of their roster. [FanHouse, Pewter Report]

--The Steelers lead the NFL in items listed on eBay. And that was before they started signing DVDs all week. [5 Golden Rings]

--It's the worst contracts in NFL history. Yeah, $130 million for Michael Vick looks sorta silly in retrospect. [ESPN]

--Projecting Pitt's 2009-10 starting lineup, complete with Dejuan Blair. [PG/Smizik]

--Come to the Yankees' new billion-dollar stadium, stay for the obstructed-view seats! [Major League Jerk]

--A-Rod is linked to a steroids dealer...and Kevin Bacon. [Sports Pickle]

--At what point did sports blogging shift from being about sports to being about women? A great article. [Moondog Sports]

And to close, an email rebuttal to the earlier email of the day:

"Just wanted to piggyback on the email of the day from Zach H.

When my friends and I would come home from college and all get together, it would usually be mid-October, Thanksgiving time, Christmas time, or summer. We developed a great drinking game for Pittsburghers. (I can't send this email out without acknowledging my friend Tommy L., who now lives in Chicago by way of the Edgeworth/ Sewickley area and remains one of the best and most die-hard Pittsburgh fans I know. I believe he came up with the game, and though it was more theoretical because we were like 19 or 20 and couldn't always grab beers with ease, we had to have played it a few times.)

Anyway, it's very simple. You turn on the evening news. I guess it's 6:00? It doesn't matter the station, WTAE, WPXI, KDKA… Every time you see a Steelers player, logo, or hear mention of the team, you drink. If it's football season, knowing what I know now about drinking games, you will be busting up paper towel dispensers at Sheetz by 10:30 pm. Especially if the Steelers are having a good year. (i.e., every year.)

If it's fall, I suggest using beer (preferably Iron, check that, I.C. Light) and waiting for Steelers references only. If it's spring or summer, you may be better suited to run the triple crown, drinking at each mention of the Penguins, Pirates, OR Steelers, or you can play with strictly Steelers and take shots.

Just an idea for any loyal yinzers out there who feel a sense of pride (and slight embarrassment) when they see links like the one in today's email of the day." --
Matt E., Philadelphia by way of Aleppo Township/ Sewickley

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Real McCoy said...

Yesterday is just the first step for the Pirates. I think they might run the table this year. Not just .500, undefeated.

Broke But Still Drinking said...

I think you meant to say, the Pirates will be waiting tables if they continue to play like they did last year.