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Well, I guess that's the last word on that topic. From Peter King:

Roethlisberger, playing on adrenaline, toughed out the game with at least two small rib fractures -- which didn't show up in an X-ray the week before the game but did when he got an MRI after returning to Pittsburgh.
Roethlisberger's always been sort of odd with injury-related news, Belichickian at times, Chatty Cathy at other times. Who can forget that bizarre interview with Andrea Kremer in September? And then there was the famous did he/didn't he get x-rays distraction during SB43 week. Those are just two recent examples. I know if I think a little harder, I could probably come up with a few more.

Let's face it: there's a very good chance that Big Ben could have an abbreviated NFL career. With the motorcycle accident, multiple concussions, ribs, shoulder, appendix, thumb, knee, and the cumulative affect of all of those sacks, that body has taken a lot of abuse in the last five years. Don't believe me? Check out his injury history. It's a horror show. It's a modern miracle how this guy is still standing upright, let alone winning Super Bowls.

Long story short, we should appreciate every day that #7 lines up behind center.

Reliving Pittsburgh's final drive, through the eyes of Roethlisberger [SI]

Also - very relevant article from Ed Bouchette in January '09 talking about this very topic while reminding me of the broken toes incident that Bill Cowher disputed.

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Anonymous said...

I know he's going to have a shortened career, but I hope he doesn't change his style. It's what makes him so much fun to watch.

biggamekilla said...

Ben is an ok QB with an exceptional defense. So tired of people saying he is the reason the steelers have won 2 SB. News flash Pittsburgh ben had more turnovers this season than td passes. for more info on this very topic check out

nuthinhere said...

So, the Steelers would not have won SB 43 without Ben?? Really?? Uh, ok, sure. I assume you didn't see the last 2:37 of SB43. SB 40 was a bad game for Ben (he's admitted as much), but the Steelers wouldn't even have made it to SB 40 without him. Whatever, I doubt Ben is bother by the detractors. How can he even hear them with those 2 Super Bowl rings in his ears.


nuthinhere said...

So, the Steelers would not have won SB 43 without Ben?? oops

I ment to write;

So, the Steelers would have won SB 43 without Ben??

biggamekilla said...

I did see the last 2:37 of the game in which santonio dominated, he turned a 15 yard come back route into a 50 yard catch and run. its amazing that everyone remembers the comebacks because in most cases the game should never have been that close to begin with. The Steelers D gave up 300 yards of TOTAL OFFENSE just once in the regular season. Most likely ben put them in that position to lose with on of his 22 turnovers this year. IF Peyton Manning or Tom Brady qb this team in SB43 the game is over by halftime. Just remember nuthinhere it was Arizona.

Unknown said...

It's a two-way street. Who threw those passes to Santonio in the fourth quarter while under constant defensive pressure through the Steelers' porous offensive line?

And no other QB could have made that nearly blind pass to Heath Miller in the first quarter? It's still breathtaking to watch on replay.

BurressWithButterflywings said...

It is pretty ridiculous to even suggest that we could have won that game without Ben. period.

nuthinhere said...


New England has no defence, Arizona would have shredded them. Same with Indy. Your underestimating Arizona's offense. There defense played lousy all year, but woke up in time for the playoffs. Again, Pittsburgh would not have even made the playoffs 3 years ago if not for Ben. They might not have made it this year, except for Ben. He had no o-line, no running game, and yet there they were, playoffs & Super Bowl winners. Face it, Ben is a hell of a QB. He just wins.

Birchibald said...

Yes, the defense carried this team all season. Yes, Ben's 4th qtr comebacks were needed because the offense did NOTHING until it had to. But to claim he is "ok" is a laugh. Brady and Manning may have better numbers, but neither would survive behind that garbage line Ben has. He lives to play on a week-to-week basis behind a line we all KNEW would be terrible long before Draft Day last season. The 2008 Draft will go down as the worst draft in decades. FYI to "nuthinhere", I believe the defenseless Patriots played the Cards this season. The Cards lost 47-7, didn't they?