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Going to the Super Bowl? Already there? As you've probably noticed, this site takes very kindly to user-submitted photos and first-person experiences. So if you plan on going to the game or any of the related events, feel free to share your pics or stories should the mood strike you.

And to pass the time until we get some reader pics, be sure to check out the Twitter page for 102.5 WDVE, which has been in Tampa since Tuesday. It's filled with photos and commentary from the week's events, including updates such as "Larry Richert is wearing Mom jeans...and pulling it off. One smooth sonofabitch."

The guys have had an interesting week, interviewing everyone from Lynn Swann to Brady Quinn on Radio Row. So check out their running diary and view all the pics, like this one of Jim Krenn with Jim Kelly...two Western Pennsylvania legends:

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Super Bowl Page []

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