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"Below is my daughter, Natalie, born today (1-29-09)"
--Ed H., Morgantown, PA (yes, there is a Morgantown in PA)

"My best friend lives (and works) in Rome. He just married a Roman girl. The Friday before the Sunday wedding we all went out on the town in full Steelers gear. We went to a Steelers bar at one point right by the Vatican. There are more photos from it, but I linked to my favorite one. I’m the one in the old school Rod Woodson jersey (that is autographed by Rod and Justin Strelczyk)." -- Maxwell D.

From Joe W., Pittsburgh

From Bob F., Florida

From Eric Poole, Lawrence, KS (formerly of Ligonier, PA)


KDKA Radio Talks to Steelers Fan and Space Station Commander Mike Fincke


--"It seems that a lot of people are bringing up some dirt on the Steelers going into this week's Super Bowl (like ESPN running a two year old story about the HGH doctor in a shameless attempt to rile the new "Steeler hater" demographic). How come nobody has brought this up? I hate to do it to Larry, because I love the guy, but if it's fair to take shots at the Steelers since they're in the spotlight, shouldn't the same go for our opponent's golden boy receiver?

PS: I remember how when certain teams would start winning a lot of championships, the general public would start to turn on them and find reasons to discredit them. I remember with the Cowboys it was because they were all criminals, with the Pats it was Spygate, with the Yankees it was because they just bought the team every year (which I still subscribe to BTW).

Now, with the Steelers on the verge of possibly 2 titles in three years, I am seeing it start to happen to us. It feels kind of good to be on the other side of it for once!!" -- John M., Florida


--Fans pick Mike Tomlin as NFL Coach of the Year [Trib]

--Hines and his sprained MCL are practicing [ESPN]

--Santonio chose Super Bowl week to spill his guts about selling drugs as a kid [Beaver County Times]

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--And from Dave Dameshek's Dick Banks house band, it's the latest Steeler song, (this one about Mike Tomlin), set to Kenny Rogers' "The Gambler"

--DJ Gallo, who's been blogging the bowl all week for, takes a look at six Steeler bars around the country. [ESPN]

--Catching up with the guy who had the heart attack after Bettis' fumble in the '06 playoffs [WTAE]

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--Nice article on Big Ben from John Clayton [ESPN]

--Troy Polamalu's interview on Wednesday was quite possibly the quietest ever. [Oregon Live]

--Pepsi's going to run a 3D ad with the Sobe lizards on Sunday, and here's a leaked 2D. [Pepsico]

--Greatest Snack Food Stadium....ever. [Holy Taco]


This week's random e-mailer prize from the Mondesi Mystery Box is Jon V. of Clairton. He'll be receiving this simply unreal and huge 16x20 photo of Hines Ward leading the charge, courtesy of The Steel City Auctions Gallery:


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BurressWithButterflywings said...

I also like Larry Fitz, being a Pitt fan, but i agree that it is a bit strange that this hasn't been brought out on the forefront.

Clayton wrote an article saying the media coverage for SB XLIII has been all about the Steelers, but everything I have read of heard has been about:
A.) Larry Fitzgerald's super human talents
B.) Kurt Warner's Comeback(s)
C.) The Crappy Cards Franchise and the Whiz/Steelers angle.
D.) Hines Ward's knee

Am I crazy on this one?

Dallas Mike said...

Worst Pittsburgh jersey ever??? My vote goes to the Pirates #16 Bob "Round Tripper" Kipper. He probably wasn't a bad guy, but all that remains in my memory are the countless devastating home runs that he managed to give up.

DarkHelmet said...

Not at all. Speaking of which- am I crazy or is Bruce Springsteen a total pussy?

Anonymous said...

the only thing better than the ShamWow is the Shamwow song