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Skippy + Super Bowl = internet photo ops galore

"Saw everyone's been sending in their Terrible Towel pics, and wanted to share a pic of my tattoo. What the heck will I do should we win on Sunday?!?" -- Jon V., Clairton

That's some quality journalism by Sarah Spain

"Gentle Ben", From Adam P., Alexandria, VA

"As you know, there are Steeler bars EVERYWHERE, including St. Paul, Minnesota. During every game, McGovern's in St. Paul becomes awash in black and gold and if you didn't know you were in Minnesota, you'd swear you were at any of the 7,000 bars on the South Side. I've attached a couple of pictures taken during the AFC championship game, when 300+ showed up to root on the Stillers"-- John N. in Minnesota


The Pens/Steelers "Renegade Remix" video that played at Mellon Arena on AFCC Sunday


--"I was wondering if you could ask readers to recommend a local place to watch the game on Sunday. Me and my brother are coming in from Columbus just for the game and staying in Green Tree. We are originally from New Brighton and I went to Pitt, so I know alot of the areas and bars, just don't know the ones with the best views etc. Anyway, if you can find a way to put it out there that would be great." -- Jason, Columbus OH

--"What are the chances the officials try to make up for what was considered by most Steelers haters, a badly officiated SB XL, where most calls went in favor of the Steelers?

I keep thinking that this game will come down to a controversial call, or calls that helps win it for the Cardinals and everyone will say we had it coming.

Plus, I keep having these bad dreams about the Steelers losing this game. Either it's Ben imploding, the secondary getting torched, or James rushing for 200 yards...mostly the later for some reason. As opposed to the Seahawks game and Super Bowl's X, XIII and XIV, I'm not getting a confident feeling about this one. Maybe it has something to do with Hines Ward and him coming back not 100%, the same way Woodson did in SB XXX. I'm also seeing a 27-13 final score with the Cards winning.

I just hope my visions of doom are proven wrong." -- Steve B., Pittsburgh

--"I believe if the Steelers win this Sunday, and Ben plays well (over 225myds., 2 TD's, maybe just one turnover) that he is a HOF after just 5 seasons. My friends, steeler fans included, say he needs more time. He would have more victories than any other QB during their first 5 seasons (playoffs included), 2 super bowl rings, a pro bowl, a 13-0 rookie record that will NEVER be broken, different head coaches, different OC's, and solid stats.

Even ESPN seems to agree with me:

"As crazy as it sounds, Roethlisberger could be playing for a spot in Canton on Sunday in Tampa. For context, consider that only one retired quarterback who won two Super Bowls -- the Raiders' Jim Plunkett -- is not in the Pro Football Hall of Fame; Tom Brady, who has won three, presumably will be enshrined five years after he retires." -Greg Garber,

Again, this is only if the Steelers win Sunday." -- Sean from Greensboro, NC


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From reader Adam Novak:

"You may or may not have seen a Youtube video of the the Phoenix mayor stomping on the Terrible Towel along with the Arizona Cardinal's mascot. Last night in a fit of rage I wrote the mayor an email. The following is my email and the response sent to me on behalf of the mayor":

Mayor Gordon,

I recently saw a video of you disgracing the Terrible Towel along side a man dressed in a cardinal outfit at a rally celebrating your Arizona Cardinals' impressive run to the Super Bowl. I had assumed such displays would be unbecoming for a man elected to public office in the fine City of Phoenix, but perhaps dignity no longer remains a universally held virtue. The history of the Terrible Towel, in addition to serving as a rallying cry for the Steelers and City of Pittsburgh shares a great significance to the proud residents of Western Pennsylvania. The Terrible Towel was conceived by treasured Pittsburgh broadcaster and acclaimed sportswriter, the late Myron Cope. Cope originally devised the towel as a gimmick to support the Steelers in their successful 1975 run to the Super Bowl. What seperates the 'Terrible Towel' from other towels waved at sporting events is while other teams' towels are graced with corporate logos and disperesed to fans without charge in stadiums, Steelers fans happily purchase their own and proudly wave them at Heinz field.

In addition to symbolizing our city's unshakable fervor for their Pittsburgh Steelers, the Terrible Towel carries and even greater significance. In 1996 Myron Cope donated the trademark of the Terrible Towel to the Allegheny Valley School. Since Cope made this generous act of philanthropy the royaltees of each towel sold (including the very towel you distastfully mocked) benifit those facing intellectual and developmental disabilities. In total, $2.5 million dollars have been raised for those with special needs thanks to the great generosity of Myron Cope and the steadfast devotion of Pittsburgh Steelers fans.

Symbols serve a fundamental representation of greater significance. The Terrible Towel symbolizes the great tradition, passion and generosity of Western PA. Your tactless desecration of the Terrible Towel symbolizes a great deal about you as well, Mr. Mayor.

Adam Novak

And the response from Phoenix Mayor Phil Gordon:
A Statement from Mayor Phil Gordon

January 27, 2009 (Phoenix) -- "Several fans of the Pittsburgh Steelers have expressed their disappointment in the way their 'Terrible Towel' was used during our airport send-off for the Arizona Cardinals. Our intention was to stir up the local crowd and generate the excitement and enthusiasm you would expect for a Super Bowl-bound team.

"At no time did anyone intend, in any way, to offend the Steelers organization and their many fans, supporters and traditions. I sincerely apologize to them all and hope and expect we can all enjoy a tremendous football game on Sunday as we continue to work together for the betterment of both our communities."

-- Mayor Phil Gordon

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Louis Lipps is my homeboy said...

Amazing the Cardinals receiver Steve Breaston has the time to write into Mondesi's House this week!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting the video of the Renegade montage they played at the Pens game - I was hoping that would surface somewhere after we saw it at the game!

P.O. said...

classy move by the Phoenix mayor... Mayor Steelerstahl should take notes, joke.

Broke But Still Drinking said...

Why didn't I learn how to kick a football? It's obviously a pretty good gig.