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The odds of Pitt winning the Big East in football next season just got a little big longer, as Shady McCoy apparently changed his mind and decided he wants to play in the NFL after all. An official announcement should be coming tomorrow.

This is good news and bad news for Pitt. The good news is that this is another feather in the program's cap from a draft point-of-view. McCoy will join a growing list of prominent Panthers in the league, including recent first-rounders Larry Fitzgerald, Darrelle Revis, and Jeff Otah. The bad news is that he was one of the few bright spots on offense this season for the Panthers, and no one they have on the roster is another Shady McCoy-in-waiting. He was a special talent.

The NFL draft advisory board graded McCoy as a first rounder, but as Kevin Gorman points out,in his story, running back will be a crowded position in this year's draft. Already, five underclassmen have declared, including Iowa's Shonn Green, Connecticut's Donald Brown, Ohio State's Chris Wells, Wisconsin's P.J. Hill and Georgia's Knowshon Moreno. Also in the mix among the top running backs are Michigan State's Javon Ringer and Pitt transfer Rashad Jennings, who ended up at Liberty. That's right, another Pitt guy who finished his college career at a small school is going to get picked fairly high. Maybe Baltimore can draft him so he and Joe Flacco can line up in the "What Could've Been" formation.

While I would've liked to have seen Shady stay, I understand the rationale. Sure, his stock could rise next year at Pitt. Of course, it could also fall. Or he could get hurt, which is a factor considering the fact that he fractured his leg a few years ago in high school. It's a risky proposition either way, but all we can do is wish him the best at the next level and appreciate the excitement he brought to the Pitt program while he was here.

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