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One of the most under-reported stories in Pittsburgh sports history has to be the case of Dr. Richard Rydze, the man who spent 22 years on the Steeler medical staff and then promptly split with the team in 2007. I distinctly remember a report that he had purchased $150,000 of HGH on a credit card, which probably didn't look good given today's touchy atmosphere on that topic.

Today, ESPN unveiled the first ever in-depth interview with Dr. Rydze, and it is a must-read for any Steeler fan. It's the headline story on their website as I write this. A brief excerpt:

"Because I was associated with the Steelers, the assumption was that I was giving everyone on the Steelers growth hormone or steroids," Rydze told in his first in-depth interview on the subject. "You say a team doctor for the Pittsburgh Steelers, and you are saying he is buying growth hormone from a pharmacy in Florida -- what the hell else are you going to think?"

Former Steelers doctor embraced HGH

And in other Stiller news...

--Today must be the day to tell stories I've always wanted to hear more about, because Ron Cook penned a lengthy, front-page article on what went wrong between Pitt and Joe Flacco. Again, another must-read. [PG]

--If you're a Pittsburgher, it's snowing, and you're bored, this is how you spend your time. [With Leather]

--Potential Hall of Famers Dermontti Dawson and Rod Woodson will be Honorary Co-Captains on Sunday. I'm guessing they'll get a warm response, especially since Woodson picked the Steelers to win. []

--Troy Polamalu returned to practice, while Justin Hartwig's participation was limited. [WTAE]

--Meanwhile, the non-practicing list of Ravens was much longer, leading with LB Terrell Suggs and also naming Samari Rolle (groin), wide receiver Mark Clayton (thigh), defensive tackle Justin Bannan (foot), linebacker Jarret Johnson (calf), fullback Le’Ron McClain (ankle) and wide receiver Derrick Mason (shoulder and knee). [Beaver County Times]

--Word on the street is that DUI enforcers will be out in droves on Sunday. So drink those 27 beers responsibly. [Pittsburgh's Black and Gold] [Related: Iron City outsources canned beer!]

--To close: Myron Cope predicts a 20-9 Steeler victory! Double Yoi! [DC Steeler Nation]

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Anonymous said...

That sort of Steelers game day DUI enforcement should go on after every single Steelers home game.

Louis Lipps is my homeboy said...

It's fishy that ESPN waited until the week of a big game to suddenly make a 1 1/2-year-old story (that we all had heard anyways) "breaking news" on their front page.

They sat on this thing for about 20 months, and finally decided to bring it to everyone's attention when it would stir up the most publicity.

Not that I absolve the Steelers of any wrongdoing, but I do think ESPN is very good at strategically exploiting things.

bohica said...

do you think they would be broadcasting this garbage had the afc championship game been chargers-ravens?

Anonymous said...

Steeler Fight Song featuring the legendary color commentator Myron Cope.

Go Steelers

Jblog said...

Flacco's dad = Ultimate little league parent.

BurressWithButterflywings said...

Wow I love the New England based WWL coming out to basically accuse the Steelers of cheating and wait until 2 years later to run the story........ the week we are palying in the AFC title game and the real Cheaters are at home.

This story is old news anyways.