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I wish I was making reference to the spread, but in fact I am talking about the temperature in Pittsburgh this morning: seven below zero (at least at the time I got up), as reported by WPXI.

Schools are closed all over the city, yet the "Roast the Ravens" rally will go on as planned at the Allegheny Courthouse around the "Terrible Tree". Yes, it all works out so that kids can attend the rally. How convenient....

The weather didn't slow down the WDVE Steelers Rally at Diesel, where the crowd seemed to be in a very festive mood regardless of the temperature:

The extended forecast shows a high of 29 and a low of 18 on Sunday, with snow showers. Mix that in with a late start (more time for the fans to "get ready"), a trip to the Super Bowl on the line, and a hated rival, and that's one heck of an atmosphere to look forward to.

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