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That's right, fellow Yinzers....if the Steelers win SB43, there will be no parade, according to city sources. Let that marinate for a while. The reasons cited are budget concerns and safety, because some out-of-control Steeler fans apparently had little respect for crowd control measures at the last parade. Imagine that.

So in a town where the Mayor is enough of a fan to change his last name to Steelerstahl, we're supposed to believe that A. The city doesn't have enough money in the budget (despite all the extra revenue/tax dollars generated by the Super Bowl run) and B. Nothing could be improved upon the crowd-control problems experienced at the last parade?

Sorry, I don't think Steeler fans are going to buy it. And don't let word of this get to Phoenix. I doubt they'll be sympathetic. Besides, word of parade planning before the game never seems to work out for those talking about it. So let us never speak of it again.

City Sources Say There Will Be No Parade If Steelers Win Super Bowl [WPXI]


Allegheny County Executive Dan Onorato says that the city will have a celebration if the Steelers win, but does not know if it will be in the form of a rally, parade, or another type of event. [PG]

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Louis Lipps is my homeboy said...

Don't the 10 bazillion people that show up and spend money in the city the day of a parade offset the cost of cleanup?

Look, I keep seeing articles that Don posts here talking about how Pittsburgh is on its way back up and how it's kind of starting to thrive a little bit in the wake of the last 30 years.

I also know, not living in town anymore, that Pittsburgh suffers from a perception problem nationally, especially amongst people that have never been there. I try to tell people that, aside from the cold winters, it's really a pretty cool place.

But you know what happens if the city doesn't have a parade for the Steelers (who, by the way, are also one of the first things non-Pittsburghers associate with the city)? All of that stuff in the articles that Don has posted looks like BS, and Pittsburgh goes back to being the old, broken down, dirty city that can't even afford to throw a parade for a possibly Super Bowl champion team.

I mean, 40 grand in cleanup is the issue?!?! Really, that's it?!?! Won't they make that much on parking meters and food taxes from people coming downtown the day of the parade?

And safety concerns?! Other, more dangerous, places have held parades before. I'm sorry, but if Philly can pull of a championship parade a few months ago, and Pittsburgh cannot because of safety issues, you're basically saying that your city is full of barbarians and miscreants.

I think they're just being cheap personally.

thenic said...

I think this is more an example of someone trying to change the perception of history. I was at that parade for 3+hours that day and I didn't notice any issues. I watched the coverage on the news that evening as well, and everyone commented on how peaceful the atmosphere was and how no issues were reported.

If the city can afford sending Dan Onorato and Mayor Luke to the game, concerts, and special events with transportation and body guards all the time I am sure they can afford the costs to put on a decent and orderly parade.


Anonymous said...

After SBXL, I arrived downtown at the parade almost 3 hours early to get as close as I could. My biggest desire as a Pittsburgh sports fan wasn't necessarily just to witness the Steelers winning the Super Bowl, but actually being able to feel a part of it by being there as the parade and the players came through. I was definitely overcome with jealousy watching other teams do that every year. I did get my wish a few years back and it was amazing. I can't imagine a group of people that large being that happy all together in the same place for any other reason. It was like a weight had been lifted off of everyone's shoulders. Especially for Cowher, who had a lot of fun with it. And all the players were great with the crowds. It was an opportunity for area highschool bands to participate. Besides people not getting off the street quick enough before the parade started, I never witnessed any altercations of any kind. It really would be a shame if it didn't happen this year. Especially for those who didn't get to see it last year.

And obviously Onorato is pushing for it. Imagine the drink tax revenue afterwards.

Oh, and "knock on wood".

DarkHelmet said...

A "parade" is going to happen whether or not the city officially has one. The only difference is, if they have an official parade, everything will go smoothly like it did last time- and yes, I was there. If they don't have one, there is going to be a F-ING RIOT.

Onorato and Ravensthal are boners who have proven time and again that they are completely clueless jackasses whose only saving grace is the (D) next to their names.

BurressWithButterflywings said...

Ravenstahl is a self promoting jock sniffer whose only goal as Mayor is to get as much media time as humanly possible and rub elbows with athletes and celebrities alike.

I am a Democrat, but he is an abomination. Maybe he should get a real job for once in his life.