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That's Cardinals DT Gabe Watson at the stressful Super Bowl week event known as Media Day, which is happening today.

ESPN is live-blogging the event and has dug up some interesting nuggets, including Troy Polamalu's status as the resident practical-joker, Ike Taylor's plan for Larry Fitzgerald ("Just got to jump"), Mike Tomlin talking poetry, and Aaron Smith on MMA.

NFL Nation [ESPN]

Today's videos making the early rounds:

The Phoenix mayor disgracing the Terrible Towel (haven't people learned yet?)

and a new Mike Tomlin Coors Light Parody

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BurressWithButterflywings said...

Obviously, I am a Pittsburg homer who bleeds black n gold, but:

A.) The Towel is a symbol of our franchise and town and the unity of the Steeler Nation. Not To Mention: It's proceeds go to supporting a great cause.

B.)Like Don said, haven't people learned ?

Molly said...

Pittsburg, Kansas?

I can't tell from the video what the mayor did to the towel. What did he do?