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Surely all of you remember Trenni Kusnierek, who was briefly known as the Pittsburgh version of Erin Andrews during her time on FSN.

Well, Trenni is moving to the MLB Network after a layover in her hometown of Milwaukee, and I think she's found a website that enjoys her work even more than the people of Pittsburgh: The Bucky Channel.

Today, The Bucky Channel was able to dig up some photos of the rising national star in high school. You can tell from the pictures that she's thinking, "Someday, I'm going to be a big star. Of course, that means having to endure night after night of Pirate baseball for a few years, but if I can last through that, I've proven that I can do anything."

Trenni Kusnierek: The High School Days [The Bucky Channel]

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Steve said...

I honestly never understood what the attraction is/was to her. Was it the classic eastern block, Pittsburgh girl kinda name, or was it that she's so average looking that most guys think they could nail her by taking her to the mall and splurging at chick-fil-A? I guess it's probably both.

Chip said...

All women in sports benefit from the +2 Rule, Steve.

I'm guessing the Slavic last name bumps that up to a +3 in known babushka strongholds like Milwaukee and Pittsburgh.

BURGH08 said...

I don't get the fascination either.

She is basically Dan Potash with tits.