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One of my favorite topics to discuss is and always will be Pitt vs. Penn State. Everyone has an opinion. In fact, an article I wrote over two years ago on the game that isn't still draws ample traffic due to the fact of it being the #1 Google placement for the often-searched "Pitt Penn State" phrase.

So why do I bring it up today? Well, it looks like the debate randomly heated up in an article on that mentioned the possibility of Pitt winning nine games, a feat they haven't accomplished since 1982, believe it or not.

It started with a user named "Ihavenobeef" throwing out this unprovoked thought:

"Twenty-five years since Pitt last won 9 games? Pathetic. Pitt should be relegated to I-AA for that sorry feat, especially since they play in the worst I-A conference of all. Losers.

Penn State, the best I-A team in the state by far, has done it 17 times since 1982. Now THAT'S a great football team."

Yep, you knew that would draw a response. Like a moth to a flame, a Pitt fan with the user name "PoopyPantsJ" takes the always-classy Paterno-bashing angle:

"It may have been 25 years since Pitt has had 9 wins in the regular season, but Pitt has managed to play 119 season without it's coach crapping his pants.

How long has it been for Penn State? 2 years? Now that REALLY IS PATHETIC! Maybe PSU should play in a league with preschoolers, who aren't potty trained."

From there, it evolves into the typical urinating contest that the Pitt-Penn State debate has become. Personally, I think it's hilarious that any PSU fan rips on Pitt, which earlier this year beat the same Iowa team that probably kept Penn State out of the national championship. But I digress. You should check out their comments. Or add your own two cents below.

Panthers chase historic ninth win []

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Reggie Dunlop said...

bowling green

HotDog_Zanzabar said...


Chip said...

I'm a Pitt fan but Depends or no, I still concede JoePa can outcouch Wannastache any day of the week and twice on Saturday.

HotDog_Zanzabar said...

Then I'd say you're not really a Pitt fan then Chip

Anonymous said...

Damn shame about that Iowa game b/c the Big Ten is such a powerhouse conference this year...haha.

Remember how Penn State used to be one of Pitt's non-conference punching bags in hoops earlier this decade? I recall one year they only lost by 20.

johnny said...

To hell with State Clown College. They won't play us in football (Joe Pa's Alzheimer's induced vendetta) or hoops (their coach realizes that their team is a joke), so the so-called rivalry is relegated to woman's hoops. Luckily, Agnes has figured out how to stun them at the one sport, outside of cow tipping, where they are truly elite.

Also, Dave & Andy's > The Creamery.


the nigerian nightmare said...

Fill your stadium for more than 1 or 2 games a year. Win a BCS bowl.

Until these things happen, stop the comparison, because there isn't one.

godohoky said...

What I don't understand is why we even have this debate. I would understand if either team was actually good. Everyone knows if either Pitt or Penn State played in the SEC they would win maybe 4 games if they were lucky. I mean come on neither of them played anyone that was good this year. Don't even mention OSU cause when they played a real team they got dominated. While PSU barely got by OSU.

the nigerian nightmare said...

OK, here's one thing that no one seems to ever bring up in these stupid debates. Home field advantage is HUGE in college football. Would USC lose to Oregon State at home? Probably not. Would Pitt have beat Iowa on the road? To be fair, Pitt probably could have beat Cinci at home. Would Penn State have lost to Iowa at home? Probably not.

I guess my point is the whole we beat Iowa/you lost to Iowa thing is crap, just as is many PSU fans saying they're better than USC because they beat Oregon State.

Also, shut up about the SEC. The SEC sucks this year except for Florida. Alabama is going to get creamed in that game. Their signature wins this year were against teams that were highly overrated at the time they played them.


BurressWithButterflywings said...

I am a Pitt Fan and I agree with the Nightmare:

Homefield advantage changes things greatly and the only time I go down to pulling the Pitt beat Iowa card is A.) when PSU fans either starting talking about how bad Pitt is or B.) when I hear PSU beat Ore. St and Ore. St beat USC so we are better than USC deal.

Conference games and home games have a much different feel, especially ones 3,000 miles from home.

UC hadnt beaten Pitt, and I could be wrong, but I think in forever, so home field could have changed that outcome but Pitt was still beat by a better team that night.

DarkHelmet said...

Pitt 12, PSU 0.

Greg said...

I just cant seem to figure out how someone could possibly think Pitt would beat PSU. It makes me laugh at such a thought. Ok, PSU lost to an Iowa team Pitt beat. Great congrats, way to lose to Bowling Green, and get stomped by Rutgers. Pitt fans are lucky that over the past 5 years they havent played because it would not have been pretty.

Sweet comeback about Joe crapping his pants since that has so much to do with football.

Adam said...

I hate to ruin the party, but I'd just like to remind all the Pitt fans, who jump on the Iowa loss to point to how great they think their team is in comparison to Penn State, that lowly PSU basketball defeated the same Michigan State squad the Pitt lost to in the NCAA tournament.

DarkHelmet said...

I'd like to point out to the delusional PSU fans that all we heard constantly for weeks was how PSU beat Oregon State and Oregon State beat USC, therefore PSU is better than USC. Therefore, Pitt fans are not going to miss a chance to throw the Iowa loss in your face.

These arguments are all a waste. The only way to do it is to ante up and put your money where your mouth is on the field. Last meeting Pitt 12, PSU 0.

HotDog_Zanzabar said...

Wait a minute...PSU Adam, is that you?

Adam said...


Brando said...

I will say this: as a Penn State fan, I wish Pitt and Penn State played on a yearly basis. Because once Penn State joined the Big Eleven, they had no natural rivals anymore. Pitt is the most logical to schedule regularly, and the fact that we don't do it leaves us without a rival. Of course, Pitt still HAS a rival, so PSU loses out on something that Pitt doesn't.

The lame reason I've heard for not continuing this rivalry is that PSU keeps insisting on 2 home games to 1 for Pitt, arguing that "we sell out every game, and we'll be giving you another sell out, so we want to make more money then you". Obviously, this condition is made to so that PSU can say, "hey, we made an offer, and they refuse it! We're reasonable!". The interesting thing I've heard is that JoePa doesn't care one way or another these days - that the administration is the hold up. Whether this is true or not, I don't know - it is rather hard to figure out where JoePa ends and the administration begins over there. But JoePa has said in response to questions "hey, we'd play Pitt!" But unless the administration removes the cover they have up now, we'll never know whether the administration is behind this, or JoePa is telling the administration to not schedule Pitt so he can blame them.

Brando said...

Oh, and let me add that Pitt fans needn't bother about us saying that we beat Oregon State and are thus better then USC - it looks like we'll get to prove that on the field one way or the other in the Rose Bowl, providing USC doesn't drop a late season loss against UCLA again. Otherwise, we'll be looking at playing Oregon State AGAIN. I'm sure the BCS and the Rose Bowl committee are hoping for a USC win.

Unknown said...

hey pitt fans...have an awesome time watching your team in the "Brut Sun" bowl....woooo hooo!

it's there you'll get your chance to play a team we demolished 45-14.

let's see how you do.

meanwhile, we will be in our second BCS bowl game in the past 4 years.


Waiter said...

Pitt is a top-25 football team with one of the best backs in the country.

Pitt is a superior academic institution.

Besides, PSU fans should want to come to Pitt. They would get to leave their terrible cow-ridden, redneck-overrun countryside for a real city.

Unknown said...

As a Pitt fan I do not care if they ever play again. The shine is off that rivalry apple. Now they try to sell MSU as their rival last game of the season.
That is a joke. I can go to my grave knowing the last game ended in a Pitt victory and a shutout. Twelve to Zip.