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--Leave March 27, 2009 open. Why? Because Britney is coming to Pittsburgh, that's why. [MTV]

--Sid is closing in on the three Montreal Canadiens forwards leading in the crooked NHL All-Star fan vote. Actually, that will be nice seeing him playing alongside five Canadiens. It'll be a giant tease for the city of Montreal. [CP]

--Once again, we're reminded: unlike Lebron, Sid's not going anywhere. [Detroit Free Press]

--The Penguins' brand ranks eighth in pro sports, and the second-highest in the NHL. The Steelers came in at third, behind only the Packers and Red Sox. And Pittsburgh once again lifts its leg on the sports world. []

--Breaking news: professional pain-in-the-rectum/fashion maven Sean Avery has been suspended indefinitely by the NHL due to comments regarding former girlfriends Elisha Cuthbert and Rachel Hunter. Good times. [ESPN]

--The Altoona Curve have a new owner. No, it's not Stanley Druckenmiller. Or Mark Cuban. [Centre Daily]

--Who's up for some Pittsburgh sports trivia? Me, me! [Sean's Ramblings]

--Derek Anderson or Brady Quinn? It doesn't really matter, because they're both out for the year. And with the Browns needing a QB, who better to call than Pittsburgh's own Bruce Gradkowski? [ESPN]

--Ford CEO Alan Mulally said he'll work for $1 if the US government ponies up with that cash they desire so. Of course, he's making $18 million this year, so I think he'll get by OK. [Yahoo!]

--More pics from the Wolverine movie, this time featuring Hugh Jackman and Liev Schreiber. Exciting stuff indeed. [FilmDrunk]

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