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The Pirates have concluded their search of over 200 candidates and a choice has been made: Tim Neverett will be replacing Lanny Frattare in the broadcast booth this season. From the PG:

Neverett, 42, previously worked for FSN Rocky Mountain as a play-by-play man on Colorado Rockies games and was also a pregame and postgame host. He also worked for Versus and the Mountain West Conference Sports Network in broadcasting college football and basketball games.

As you could probably guess, I don't watch a lot of local Colorado Rockies broadcasts, so I have no opinion on the hire other than the assumption that Pittsburgh ties were not a prerequisite. I just hope Neverett knows what he's getting into; on the other hand, maybe he was swayed by the fact that he could be on board for an historic Major League Baseball season?

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oldmantdr said...

Tim is a decent broadcaster. He was on a local radio station in Denver that switched formats a year or so back, and then he did pre game work for the Rockies, and called some games filling in for them- I think mainly on TV.
He will fit in well in the Burgh.
He is not Bob Prince, but what are you gonna do.
I think he is a good choice to follow Lanny.
My family in Pittsburgh never really accepted the switch from Prince in the first place.

Anonymous said...

Timmy, welcome to "The Land of Misfit Toys."