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--Pitt ran their record to 11-0 with a nationally-televised win over Siena at the Pete last night. The final was 79-66, and it wasn't even as close as it sounds. [PG]

--The Wannstache got his 15th recruit for '09: WR Ed Tinker (6'2", 205), from Brashear, who turned down West Virginia, Colorado, Louisville, Michigan State UConn and Iowa. Good times in Oakland these days, no? [PSI]

--On the other hand, these probably aren't the best of times for former Pirate outfielder Brian Giles. [Deadspin]

--Oh, so Frank Walker DID spit in Mitch Berger's face? Care to revise your BS story, John Harbaugh? [Baltimore Sun]

--Pens-Thrashers tonight in Hotlanta...MAF will be back, and the Colby Armstrong & Erik Christensen references will be plentiful. [Empty Netters]

--The Pirates are closing in on an extension with Ryan Doumit; Nate McLouth, not so much. [PG]

--Tony Dungy says James Harrison for MVP. Hey, it's not as crazy as some of the other names being thrown around. [PFT]

--Looks like the new Riddler will be Eddie Murphy, with Shia LeBouf as Robin and Rachel Weisz in line to play Catwoman.

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Reggie Dunlop said...

what was the line on the pitt game last nite

Real McCoy said...

How stupid is Frank Walker? Does he think anybody is going to believe his "accidental" spitting. I see John Harbaugh is picking up right where Billick left off. My only surprise is that Walker is not from the "U".