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Got an email from a huge Penguin fan named Andrew living in New Jersey (wait, what?) and I thought I would open it up to the masses for suggestions:

"My buddy and I are both huge Pens fans who happen to currently reside in New Jersey. We are coming out to Pittsburgh for two Pens games (Jackets & Red Wings) and staying in the city February 6th to the 8th. Our goal is make the weekend all about the Pens and nothing else. By that I mean we will only talk Pens, we will only drink Jack Daniels or Crown Royal drinks (in honor of Sid), and when we're in the Hotel room we'll only either watch FSN or "Sudden Death" etc. We're trying to find ways to make it even more about the Pens if possible. So my question to you is, do you have any ideas for us as far as places to go or activities to take part in while we're out there?

If you want to get real specific and provide a detailed map to Mario's wine cellar or just tell us where we can most likely have a beer with Max Talbot, to by all means, go right ahead.

A displaced Yinzer"

Sounds like a cool idea: an entire weekend all about the Pens. So please, share your ideas. How would you spend your time, where would you go?

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Unknown said...

Drink at the Souper Bowl before the game. Always tons of Pens fans.

Unknown said...

Also, hang out at Diesel in the South Side after the games. You're pretty much guaranteed to see at least a few of the players stroll through the doors. Try not to let the vast amount of douche bags in there deter you.

Broke But Still Drinking said...

Avery might be able to locate a good bar to get some of the Pens sloppy seconds. Any interest??

LooBakka said...

Buy the 10 DVD set of the Pen's Greatest Games and veg out the entire time watching it.

EnsErmac said...

Hand out flyers saying your name is Billy Tibbetts and you are required by Megan's law to inform you that you are a sexual deviant.

Jonny Van Mundegaarde said...

Justin, I believe the breed of male homosapien known as teh douchebag originates from Jersey...these dudes can handle whatever Diesel throws at them.

RedHawks Hockey said...

Go to the penguin exhibit at the zoo

Anonymous said...

I'm with Archie. Buy the DVD set and kick back. Don't subject yourself to more than one viewing of "Sudden Death" within a 15-yr window.

Geez, I was in college when shot of Jagermeister were $0.68 after Jags would score at some dive bar in North Oakland whose name escapes me. I'm getting my early 30's.

Anyway, find that bar and see if they serve $0.87 shots or something like that.

See you boys in at The Pru Ctr next Wed night.

Unknown said...

Carson City Saloon in the South Side has drink specials per goal. 1st goal is Player # drafts. Always awesome when Staal scores the first goal, 11 cent beers!