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Well, literally (courtesy of Eric Godard) and figuratively (at least for a while). You'll have that when you nearly blow a five-goal lead with 22 minutes to go. But all's well that ends well, as the Pens held on for a 5-4 win against the Oilers at Mellon "Don't Call Me Civic" Arena last night.

Miroslav Satan had two more goals, raising his season total to eight. I'm guessing no one is putting him in fake trades for Ilya Kovalchuk this morning. Petr Sykora also added two goals, so it was a good night for the former Oilers now playing for the winning team.

Next up, the Pens travel to Long Island for some iced tea and a 7 PM matchup with the Islanders. Detroit and Marian Hossa loom large on Tuesday.

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Steve said...

I think maybe if the Pens picked up the physical play a bit (like closer to that of normal men, instead of 5-year old Quaker girls), the other teams might not feel so confident and spring chicken fresh to mount a serious threat in overcoming a 5 goal deficit. Not bitching, just a thought...