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Pens fan illustrates dislike of Flyers, specifically Scott Hartnell.

[Thanks to Joe D. for the pic]

--Continuing an unreal week of hockey, the Pens beat the Flyers, 5-4, in a dramatic shootout at the Igloo. Kid Crosby continued his dominance of the Flyers, leading the way with two goals. Geno Malkin extended his scoring streak with his 6th goal of the season, Matt Cooke added his first, and Dany Sabourin was perfect in the shootout. The Pens are now 10-4-2 and just four points out of the conference's top spot.

--Could this be the greatest autographed baseball ever? Sure sounds like it. [Pittsburgh's Black and Gold]

--The Steelers drop to #5, Chargers #20 in the latest RCS NFL Power Ranking Averages. [Real Clear Sports]

--Jayson Stark breaks down the upcoming MLB free agency. Pirate fans, get ready: this might be the year we sign Paul Byrd! []

--ESPN sets what has to be a record: Bracketology before the college basketball season. That's some gig you talked them into, Lunardi. []

--That John McCain is some nice guy. He toasted the Tampa Bay Devil Rays on the lawn of the Senate Office Building. [Sports Pickle]

--Forgot to mention the unintentional comedy that was the Dan Sepulveda feature on KDKA. If I don't mention it soon, I fear a reader revolt. [KDKA]

--Javon Walker's season is over. That was a great 15 catches. [Fanhouse]

--And news out of Chicago: Kerry Wood is done as a Cub. Needless to say, he never won a championship during his time there. [Big League Stew]

--It's the sports celebrity sightings of the week, featuring Mr. Fuji and Barack Obama! [Sports Hernia]

--Need a new place to keep your beer? How about in your hoodie?, short for "get me out of here," is a great site designed to get you out of sticky or undesirable situations anywhere, anytime. Forget relying on your friends to make that all-important call.

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HotDog_Zanzabar said...

I find it funny that they have Pitt as high as #2 in some polls, but Lunardi has them as a three seed.

What's even more laughable is that Doug Gottleib doesn't even have them ranked.

Anonymous said...

I think that ball would be worth more $$ if they were all on different balls.