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I've never made a secret of my affinity for Joe Namath on this site, my man-crush probably reaching its high point with a lengthy "Know Your Elders" feature in April explaining exactly why Namath is, was, and will always be "the man". So you can imagine my excitement today when a new photo could be added to the archive of ridiculous Namath photos, alongside such greats as this:

and this:

The photo of Joe and Farrah in towels is actually a part of the newly-opened Life magazine vault of photos, which has already been dissected at length by sports bloggers since its doors opened. It's the greatest thing I've seen today outside of the Chad Johnson comment thread.

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HotDog_Zanzabar said...

Based on the site, I'd rank your mancrushes in this order:

1.Chinedum Ndukwe
2.Guy Wearing Sweed Jersey in Belle Vernon Wal-Mart
3.Big Ben
4.Joe Namath

mondesishouse said...

5. Ronnie Florian

Broke But Still Drinking said...

I prefer my man-crushes to be "giving up" seats instead of "given" seats when waiting in line. I hope he still uses utensils without assistance.