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Thanks to the many folks who answered my request for a screen shot of the guy who wore the strange combination of Steeler sweatshirt/Bills hat to the Monday Nighter in Buffalo this week. I was unaware that it actually ran on Yahoo's Shutdown Corner. Now that that's out of the way, I can assume we'll return to debating the wisdom of buying a Limas Sweed jersey at this point in his career.

Update: Continuing the debate of rookie wide receiver expectations, here's a very interesting article from a few months back that examines the top rookie WR seasons since 1998. It also says this about what to expect from Sweed in 2008:

Sweed is another big wide receiver that should see the field immediately, albeit most likely only as WR3 for the Pittsburgh Steelers. This off-season Ben Roethlisberger famously complained about not having a big wide receiver that he could get the ball to in the red zone and the drafting of Sweed in the second round should keep Big Ben satisfied. The Steelers uncharacteristically from past seasons threw a lot in the red-zone last season so expecting 7-8 touchdowns from Sweed would not be unreasonable.

7-8 touchdowns? People can dream, I suppose.

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HotDog_Zanzabar said...

Throw on some glasses, a white shirt and a pair of green pants and tell me that guy isn't Peter Griffin?