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I was sitting at my computer last night pondering topics, and here's what I had to choose from: the Steelers, who just played and won't play again for two weeks; Pitt, who also won't play again for two weeks; the Penguins, who played in Sveden and won't play again until Saturday; and the Pirates, who were done before the season started.

So I figured I would take the mini-break to do some technical tweaking (especially in light of the recent bugs we've been experiencing), which led to my discovery of a feature that will really change the way you see and read the site. Unfortunately, that's going to take a little bit of time to install. Not as much time as it takes to install a new offense, but a lot of time nonetheless.
That being said, there are no poll questions for today (it's hard to ask if you think the Steelers are going to win during a bye week), so here are a few links to keep you busy until the next post:
--Pittsburgh ranks as the #11 sports city as per The Sporting News. Probably would've been higher, but a team known as "The Pirates" dragged down our GPA. [The Sporting News]
--James Harrison will be fined $20,000 as a result of his comments about the refs after Sunday night's game in Jacksonville. I'm sure he's thrilled to hear that bit of news. [Fox Sports]
--The Steelers are #5 in ESPN's Power Rankings, and if they stay that high, could be facing the winner of either the SEC or the Big Ten. [ESPN]
--Former Pens owner Howard Baldwin's next film project is a feature about tennis legend Bill Tilden. If there's one thing I love, it's a good tennis movie. [Variety]
--So what's going to happen with the Penguins' power play? Shelly Anderson investigates. [PG]
--An English company named Cyberdyne introduced a life-like robogirl to help pensioners and disabled people move better. Wait, wasn't Cyberdyne the name of the company that made Terminators? [The Sun]
--Everyone's going as Sarah Palin this Halloween. Make sure your costume has the right angle. [Gawker]
--Here's an update on Marvel's upcoming Captain America movie, part of the Avengers series. [Film Drunk]


HotDog_Zanzabar said...

While we're off the topic of sports, I should mention that I saw a bumper sticker yesterday that had the Obama "O" logo followed by "verrated". I thought it was hilarious/accurate

Koz said...

love it

chad said...
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chad said...

Hey Don, don't know if you've received this link yet. Its an article on SI confirming Newton's fourth law of Physics, that being the one that states the Steelers have the best fans in the NFL.

chad said...

HAHA. I just saw on KDKA that Hines Ward got fined five grand for being "too rough" against the Ravens. Most hilarious thing ever?

RedHawks Hockey said...

pittsburgh was the highest ranked city from without an NBA team.

also i apologize for any syntax errors. i am still drunk from last night and i have an exam in 34 minutes. oops