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--That's former Pirate Jason Bay crossing home plate with the series-winning run in Boston's 3-2 win over the Angels last night. Yep, Jason Bay, Mr. Clutch. Never thought I'd write that in my lifetime.
--Astros pitcher Brandon Backe was one of 10 people arrested during a brawl with police at a weekend wedding reception in a Galveston hotel bar. Ronnie Florian was uninvolved. [ESPN]
--Recruits were calling Dave Wannstedt after Pitt's win over South Florida. Bet that didn't happen after the Bowling Green game. [PG]
--A Pirates fan feels the Cubs' pain. We're old pros in that category. [Huffington Post]
--Says a Cubs fan: "We were the best team in the league all year and then we turn into the Triple-A Pirates."
I thought people said the Pirates were a Triple-A team? So is he trying to say the Cubs turn into the Altoona Curve? [ESPN]
--Here's a list of the five most overhyped athletes. Are Carson Palmer and Tony Romo eligible? [FanNation]
--I knew the housing market was bad, but $1.75? [Yahoo!]
--Times aren't too tough for A-Rod. He's wiping his face with $100 bills. [NY Post]

--Check this out: this website lets you call people and skip directly to their voicemail. [Slydial]

--Here's 7 Unintentionally Perverted Toys That Will Ruin Your Children [Cracked]

--What does your bar tab say about you? [Regretful Morning]


Koz said...

When did baseball teams start champagne celebrations after every playoff series victory? I know it's not new this year, but I also think it hasn't always been this way.

My brother seems to think it started with the 2004 Red Sox.

Either way, it's tacky.

Anonymous said...

It's been going on way before that. I can remember Deion Sanders' memorable incident with Tim McCarver following the Cabrera game in '92, so it's been at least that long, and I am sure much longer. Never did understand why baseball teams always celebrate that much after clinching a playoff spot or a series win. Thankfully it doesn't happen in other sports.

Koz said...

Maybe it's just because there is an extra round now for the Wild Card.

It's just too awkward to have one round without booze soaked celebration. Everyone was already used to it during the regular season clinch of the playoffs, league championship, then of course World Series.

But still, I don't think you see this in football, but I could be wrong. Certainly hockey doesn't celebrate with champagne after every round. They won't even touch the conference champ t-shirts!