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So much for this recent article that got our hopes up that Mark Madden would be returning to 105.9 The X today. Let me save you the time---he's not on. So MF-ers (Madden Followers), what are you listening to instead?
I've opted for Howard Stern on Sirius, but apparently he got married over the weekend (to a Pittsburgh girl, no less), so it's a re-run, which I usually loathe. Fortunately, it's the re-run from January where Artie offered Bigfoot money to eat a newspaper. You know, the kind of really high-brow stuff that I usually listen to while I work.


Anonymous said...

Yet another poorly written Smizik article that misleads the readers. Thanks for getting my hopes up to be entertained, Bozo the Columnist.

HotDog_Zanzabar said...

Rocco DeMaro should do a show calling in to question Smizik's sources

Dallas Mike said...

At least we are spared another day of myopic one-sided arguments and WWF references. Not that any of the other alternatives are any better.

Schide said...

Yeah heaven forbid people who enjoy listening to him get the chance to do so again.

Well I dunno what's going on, I hope we hear some clarification from somebody about what's going on with Madden the De X.

mondesishouse said...

Hotdog, you're actually not the first person to suggest Demaro's retribution for Smizik.

Scuba Steve said...

This is buttcheeks man. What gives? Glad to hear you listen to Sirius it is a great product and is changing how we look at radio.

Assuming there's a handful of Yinzers out there still staring at the radio waiting for the picture.

Smizik's a tool.

Anonymous said...

I'm having the "stretched text" problem again - not sure if it's affecting everyone, but it's driving me nuts!

bsingle40 said...

madden isn't going to the x period.
you wont here him on pittsburgh airways for about 1 or 2 years.
he's going to sue disney for millions. listen to the facts, double m got fired for saying some crap about ted kennedy by the same company that has a chick on dancing with the stars who sells videos on her website of her sucking big black dude’s dicks. ( hello) whats wrong with this picture.