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Again, thanks to everyone who participated in Readers Rule Week. Here are a few fresh links that didn't get a chance to run earlier because of our little event, as well as a few breaking stories from this morning.

--Santonio Holmes was busted with some marijuana, but he was so cooperative that Sgt. James Vogel of the Pittsburgh PD thinks he shouldn't be suspended by the NFL. [Deadspin]

--The Pens finished strong, scoring four third-period goals in a 4-1 win over Carolina last night. [PG]

--WVU represents the Big East well with a 34-17 win over Auburn on Thursday. [PG]

--James Walker is calling Sunday's Steeler-Giant game a Super Bowl preview [ESPN NFL Hot Read]

--Give it up to Rob Neyer, who called the 1960 Game Seven "the greatest World Series game seven of all time". [ESPN]

--And don't give it up for Ian O'Connor, who says Eli > Ben. [Fox]

--National City Bank just got sold to PNC in a $5.2 billion stock deal. [St. Louis Business Journal]

--Hines Ward: Cheap Shot Artist. [Black Sports Online]

--And here's Hines talking to our friends at the Kiss 96.1 Morning Show [Kiss 96.1]

--Even Cincinnati columnists still dwell on the Kimo-Palmer injury in 2006. [Journal News]

--The Roberto Clemente museum needs some help [PG]

--What's former Steeler Amos Zereoue up to? [One for the Other Thumb]

--Mark Madden examines Mike Ditka's "take the mask off the helmet" comment [WXDX]

--A Fresno, California man is making sure his two-year-old son grows up a Steeler fan. [Monterey Herald]

--The Steelers come in at a solid #2 in the Real Clear Sports cumulative power rankings. [RCS]

--Stewart Mandel talks glowingly about the Pitt Panthers [SI] ranks all 120 college football teams. [Rivals]

--Patriots-ESPN is getting ugly [The Big Lead]

--Peter King lists every injury suffered in the NFL this year. And they're suggesting to play MORE games? [SI]

--A Bengal fan was roughed up by a Steeler fan at Sunday's game. []

--What are the 30 hottest toys this Christmas? [Yahoo!]

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Andrew said...

“In fact, when the Steelers and Giants meet Sunday in Pittsburgh, Roethlisberger will carry the following career advantages over Manning to the center of the field:
More touchdown passes (93 to 85);
fewer interceptions (57 to 68); a higher completion percentage (63.2 to 55.4); a superior quarterback rating (93.0 to 74.9); and a better regular-season record (44-17 to 35-26).”

Is that not the definition of a better player? I could go FJM style all over this, but I just don’t have the time. I’ll just bring up some of his worst points.

According to O’Connor, Eli is better because of one game, the Giants-Patriots Super Bowl, which the Giants won at the very end of the game. Didn’t Big Ben also play a similar Patriots team his rookie year, and destroy them? The victory, I recall was a double digit win for the Steelers and that Patriots team also had a big win streak. Big Ben has won the Super Bowl, so you can’t say he doesn’t win big games.
Advantage: Big Ben

“Manning has grown up in the tougher, noisier market, has weathered brutal criticism from the media and the fans and has managed the heavy expectations that come with being a Manning and a No. 1 overall pick.”

I would almost argue that Pittsburgh is tougher, noisier market. Pittsburgh doesn’t have the media coverage that New York does, but it has everything else. The Steelers are Pittsburgh. The Giants don’t even play in New York, nor are they only team. Steelers fans, I would say, are more passionate and can be pretty brutal. Didn’t we pretty much run Kordell out of the city by starting rumors that he was gay? That’s a pretty tough market
if you ask me.

Roethlisberger has played better statistically and has been more consistent than Eli, was the youngest quarterback to ever win the Super Bowl, been to the playoffs more times than Eli, and has continued to win games behind one of the worst offensive lines I’ve ever seen. There’s no way Eli’s even close to Ben.

Broke But Still Drinking said...

I hope no beer was spilled during the beating of the bengal. If so, somebody owes Pittsburgh an apology.

Unknown said...

In the link complaining about Hines' hit on Keith Rivers, the author describes the hit in the following manner: "As Rivers approached the action, away from the play, he got blindsided by Ward, who has a reputation for being one of the most physical wide receivers in the league."

Approached? If by approached he means "attempted to make a tackle", then Yes, approached is the correct word.
In addition, "away from the play" probably isn't the correct choice of words either. Rivers would've tackled Matt Spaeth if it weren't for Ward's block.

Maybe this author is watching a different hit, because Rivers is as involved in this play as anybody.