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Busy morning today - here's some links to keep you occupied...

--Just who is Joe the Plumber? [Sky News]

--Willie Parker might not be playing on Sunday after all. [PG]

--Does Joe Paterno need hip surgery? [Trib]

--Looking for cheap tickets to the Steelers-Bengals game? Shouldn't be too tough. [ESPN]

--This MLB iPhone commercial is a huge f-you to Pirate fans. [Best Week Ever]

--Dave Wannstedt is apparently still on the hot seat. [ESPN]

--PacMan Jones is going to catch up on some crime during his suspension. [SportsPickle]

--Barack Obama ads are invading video games [With Leather]

--Sounds like the Hulk is going to be the villain in the Avengers movie. [Film Drunk]

--20 Ways They Could Make The Debates Actually Worth Watching [Cracked]

--Here's the 10 Greatest Sports Curses [On Irish Road]


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The IPHONE ad is great. Lets let the rest of America share in our pain.