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CAPITALS (3-1-0) 4

PENGUINS (2-2-1) 3


What do the Penguins and the Tampa Bay Rays have in common? They both blew leads last night. The only difference was that a trip to the championship wasn't on the line for the Penguins. And Paul Bissonnette didn't beat the crap out of anyone in Boston.

I must admit, it was great thinking about all of those "loyal members of Red Sox Nation" who totally gave up on their team last night and left early. They must be feeling great about themselves this morning. Conversely, the Pens fans who stuck around for the full 60 minutes probably wish they would've left when the Boys of Winter were up 3-0 after two periods.

Once again, the Pens exhibited the alarming trend of getting dominated in the third period, as they were outshot 21-6 and outscored 3-0 in the final 20 minutes. The story of the game was Alexander Ovechkin and his thirst to make Evgeni Malkin a piece of roadkill on the Mellon Arena ice at any opportunity. I tell you, he's rapidly rising up the chart of most hated Pittsburgh opponents (coincidentally, a chart I'll be putting together soon - get your thinking caps on).

As tough as it was to watch a lead evaporate against a rival, it was a very entertaining game with the feel of a true "event". There was a certain electricity in the air (albeit much more electric when the Penguins had a three-goal lead), but you know these teams are just setting up the drama for their future matchups this season.

I think it's safe to say that Malkin-Ovechkin has far surpassed Malkin-Crosby as the marquee head-to-head matchup in these games, based purely on the fact that Ovechkin doesn't chase Crosby like Wile E. Coyote chasing the Road Runner every time they meet. Not that Sid would try any less to bury Ovie's team whenever possible.

The Pens are back in action Saturday against Toronto at Mellon Arena, with a 7 PM start. Good tickets available...from guys selling them on the street. And by the way, Bob Smizik thinks it might be time to "ring the alarm".


P.O. said...

my hate for mike richards/flyers > hate for ovechkin/caps

everytime we play philly i want to fight mike richards

Thejim said...

Will someone please commit a double-minor on Smizik? The season is basically 11.5 months long, it's a little early to push the panic button, Bozo.

Anonymous said...

Bissonnette rocked Bradley to sleep, great fight.

Smizik is a goof and no one in this town likes him.

The PG needs some fresh faces at the sports department. Can Cook & Smizik.