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It's a sad day for the thousands of Yinzers who invested in a Sean Mahan Steelers jersey to wear on Sundays, because they just became outdated. Mahan, who came over from Tampa Bay via free agency last season, was just traded back to the Bucs for an undisclosed 2009 draft pick. Somehow, I doubt it's a first-rounder.

And thus ends the Steeler career of Mahan, which goes down as their 2007 Horrible Offensive Line Signing, a 5-year deal worth $17 million (with a $4 million signing bonus). In case you're wondering, the 2008 award has already been bestowed upon the nearly $7 million guaranteed contract to backup tackle Max Starks.

In other news concering disappointing Steelers, WR Willie Reid was signed to the Philadelphia Eagles' practice squad. Yawn.

Steelers trade Mahan to Bucs [Trib]


LeeTunnel said...

Saints announced a practice squad of six players and Tyler Palko wasn't one of them. Two spots open, but it looks like they might be looking for someone else. Anybody hear anything out there?

BURGH08 said...

Palko was waived.

mondesishouse said...

Saints are supposedly bringing in Joey Harrington for a tire-kick:

Anonymous said...

Mahan was a waste.

Someone Somewhere said...

Wow, Tampa probably will give back a 7th rounder. Nevertheless, I'd say getting ANYTHING for Mahan is an absolute steal.