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So much to cover, so little time. Like most of you, I'm still trying to get caught up from a few days off. Where to start?
--Lots of fallout from the Pitt game/debacle on Saturday. My personal favorite was Joe Starkey's article in which he rips the outdated Wanny/Cavanaugh offense. [Trib]
--A.J.'s article pitting Pittsburgh against Milwaukee gets mildly criticized by Dejan Kovacevic. [PG]
--Here's a pretty comprehensive Steeler preview from in which they pick the Steelers to win the AFC North. []
--It's not often that I agree with Ron Cook, but I think he hit the nail on the head: why is there no blame being placed at Pedro Alvarez's doorstep? [PG]
--Yes, I know it's from last week, but I must mention: ESPN named Steeler fans as the best in the league. []

--Anyone catch Norm MacDonald on the recent Saget roast? It was a risky and I think brilliant performance. Here's the outtakes. [Comedy Central Insider]
--That Santonio Holmes pick in 2006 is looking pretty good considering WR Chad Jackson just got cut from New England. [AOL]
--Big Ben is finally a Steeler captain. I think I speak for everyone when I say IT'S ABOUT TIME! [PFT]
--Breaking news: the Pirates' minor league system stinks. [PG]
The Buc stops: Pedro Alvarez's conscientious objection to signing his own contract isn't the Pirates' only issue. Scouts who have followed the Pirates have been buzzing about Andy LaRoche's lethargic play since he arrived from the Dodgers, who traded him because they had the same concerns.

"To see that effort level is really disappointing," one scout said. "I'm stunned that the effort level has been so poor. To see a kid hitting .170 and not running ground balls out, it's hard to fathom. This isn't the kind of player this team needs. They need more dirt balls and fire guys who scratch and claw."
--My alma mater, THE Washington and Jefferson Presidents, are ranked second in the country. In Division III, of course. []
--For list lovers: the worst box-office bombs of all time. [Yahoo!]
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Koz said...

Steelers fans as the top NFL fans is not a surprise. However, I think rating the stadium atmosphere a 1 but the traveling quality of the fanbase as a 2 is a little backwards. Heinz Field really isn't intimidating, but turning other teams stadiums into a home game is much more impressive.

It's nitpicky, but still.

BURGH08 said...

Im also a W&J grad, and as much as I love my alma mater, know that their ranking is a farce.

They will do what they usually do: Roll through the PAC, get a home playoff game, and soil their diapers.

They need to get more 'big uglies' on the line. Sirianni is more interested in skill positions than lineman-the Walt Harris of Division III.

Is this the first blog post of W&J?

mondesishouse said...

W&J posts are few and far between, but I'll try to keep up with them this year.

That being said, the door is open for a W&J-only blog. Who's going to step up?

BURGH08 said...

I'm probably too biased (former player from the Luckhardt days and early 90's), know a few of the assistants (and they know where I live), and spend the early part of the season working up my misery as a Pitt season ticket holder. :)

I'm planning on going to see them play Frostburg, though I don't know if that will offer up any more competition than most PAC opponents.

Unknown said...

Pitt offensive coordinator Matt Cavanaugh is the worst. He was about to be fired from the Ravens. They kept him on staff temporarily as a favor so he could get hired elsewhere, but make no mistake, had he not been hired at Pitt he would have been let go in Baltimore.

Cavanaugh was Pitt's second choice for head coach. In their infinite wisdom, they felt it was important to hire a Pittsburgh native. They feared that an out of town coach might be successful and then leave for greener pastures.

In the end, Pitt got what they sought and deserved. Cavanaugh certainly won't be leaving, voluntarily at least. What program would want him?