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--Yesterday, the Penguins did their annual ticket home deliveries, and Sidney Crosby announced that he's going to live with Mario Lemieux yet again, making it the most dominant hockey household in the world for a fourth consecutive season.

--The Pirates lost again to Houston, 7-4, and an injury suffered during the game will probably knock Tom Gorzelanny out for the season. Somehow, I doubt that this will have as much of an effect as the injury another athlete named Tom suffered this week. [Trib]
--Today marks seven years since 9/11/01, and presidential candidate John McCain is in the area to remember Flight 93. [Trib]

--Real Clear Sports has a unique take on NFL Power Rankings: they average them from nine top websites (ESPN, CBS, Fox, etc) and then re-rank them. The Steelers rank third after one week. [Real Clear Sports]
--How did the Pirates get this bad? Here's their 1,992-step plan. []
--Mt. Lebanon High School sophomore Christopher Weis is getting ready for an upcoming appearance on Jeopardy! [PG]
--Forbes put the Steelers' worth at $1.01 billion, 18th highest in the league. A year ago, the team's value was $928 million. I call it "The Tomlin Effect". [Trib]
--Here's a closer look at Tom Brady's letter to Matt Cassel. Short and to the point. [Sports Pickle]
--Cleve Brownie Hank Fraley, a Robert Morris alum, talks Pittsburgh and his brief Steeler career. [Trib]
--The stars come out for the U.S. Open. [on 205th]
--Who says "pop" and who says "soda"? Here's a convenient map. And for the record, it's "pop". [Strange Maps]
--Here's the top 10 pieces of fantasy football trade bait. Two Steelers make the list. [Epic Carnival]
--The ZZ Top and Brooks & Dunn concert, scheduled for tomorrow at the Post-Gazette Pavilion, has been postponed. ZZ Top is still touring? [PG]
--Who are Hollywood's most overpaid movie stars? [Yahoo!]
--And here's the new wave of credit card fraud, and yes, it involves X-acto knives and glue sticks. [Yahoo!]
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Anonymous said...

Funny story about the ZZ Top concert - a coworker of mine saw them Tuesday night at the York Fair, a row back from the stage, and said he could barely get excited about seeing them that close - they must be quite entertaining... /sarcasm

LeeTunnel said...

Is DJ Gallo from the 'burgh?

Broke But Still Drinking said...

Mrs. Lemieux must be one hell of a cook.