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*The Steelers get their season kicked off tonight against the Philadelphia Eagles at Heinz Field. Any bold predictions from the masses this season? I told a friend last night I thought they'd go 10-6. However, the more I read about the O-Line the more likely 6-10 feels. They've got plenty of weapons on offense, and some players coming into their own on defense. Who knows, if they stay injury free they could go 15-1. It'll be nice to see them for myself rather than relying on the fishwrap.

*The Pirates start a three game set with the Phillies tonight. They'll face Blanton, Myers and Moyer. Tonight we start Maholm, with Snell on Saturday and Jason Davis on Sunday. Brett Myers vs. Ian Snell on Saturday night be a pitching matchup for the ages. I can't recall two bigger headcases on the bump on the same night. I see no reason why we can't rough up their pitchers this weekend just like Brett Myers roughed up his wife.

*Some of you really like Jason Bay. Despite the hate mail, I stand next to my opinions. I don't hate the guy, I'm just not gonna cheer for him in a Red Sox uniform. Maybe one day, Don will let me rant about the Hierarchy of Hatred in greater detail.

*The opening ceremonies of the Olympics take place tonight. I don't know if it's the political tension, or the performance enhanced world we're living in, but I'm not too thrilled for the Olympics this year. The 12 hour time difference doesn't help either.

*Another item of mass email reminder is that our captain, Sidney Crosby, turned 21 yesterday. I could be wrong, but I don't feel that day is as big a deal to him as it is to the rest of the us. He just doesn't seem like the type that cares about anything other than playing hockey.

*While we're on the subject of my hate mail. I didn't jinx Jeff Karstens. My father was quick to point out that if there's a person responsible for the jinx (which I still contest as bullcrap) it's Lanny Frattare who had the call on the radio. Always count on your dad to have your back.

*I missed Nancy Grace last night. If anyone saw it could you fill me in? I'll take a blind stab and say she was congratulated on the twins by several callers and she discussed Casey Marie Anthony in great detail.

*Congratulations to Carson's of the Fay-West Fast Pitch Softball League for advancing to the finals last night (pats self on back). This league is very unique and it's not your typical beer-softball league. It's a wood bat league with fast pitching that plays exactly like a baseball game. It's really one of western Pennsylvania's best kept secrets.

*Just wanted to thank everyone for reading this week. Judging by the hits, I didn't totally alienate the audience. I can't hold a candle to the work my brother does, but it was fun trying. I have a far greater appreciation for what he does.


AJ said...

Raul... one small oversight. A huge moment on national TV last night for local college sports fans.

We finally got to witness the Tyler Palko/Anthony Morelli head to head matchup on ESPN last night. Unfortunately it came during the final minutes of the 4th quarter in the Cardinals/Saints pre-season game.

I'll give the edge to Palko.

Anonymous said...

The Olympics haven't even begun and already I'm sick of hearing about it.

I can't even watch the damn TODAY Show anymore b/c it's all about Olympic non-sense.

Wanna be sick for a few seconds?

Picture Nancy Grace naked.

Craigo said...

Nancy Grace shattered a few wine-glasses while condemning to hell an suspect who was later found to be innocent, sprouted leathery wings, and then spent twenty minutes deciding which of the children to sacrifice to the Dark Lord.

Then she ended up eating both of them. No ratings increase this season, I guess.

Someone Somewhere said...

I dunno, I think that the o-line might be ok. If players are willing to come out and publicly allege that their leader was overtly disrespectful to their position coach, that leads me to believe that there wasn't a whole lot of cohesion amongst the unit on a football team which requires the most cohesion. I think the play of the line will match and exceed that of the line last year (of course that's not saying much). Faneca's demeanor from the outset of the Tomlin regime was probably poisonous to the team as a whole and specifically the line. The dude was an absolute monster, but that was a sticky situation last year. They still went 10-6 and came very close to a trip back to New England.

Coach Ray said...

I'd like you to comment on the new ESPN 1250 radio line-up. So far the new Paulsen-Crowe show is downright painful to listen to. The show is just too full of dry wit and commentary. Madden could be a jag-off at times, but at least he was entertaining.