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After a few days away from the world of blogging, I'm officially "back" and have a lot of catching up to do, including but not limited to: Byron Leftwich becoming a Steeler, Daunte Culpepper wanting a shot as the Steelers' starting QB, another new punter, a near-perfect game by a new Pirate, Sidney Crosby's 21st birthday, Casey Hampton coming off the PUP list, the last-minute negotiations for Pedro Alvarez, Brett Favre becoming a Jet, and the Olympic games.

My brother Dave did an admirable job in the Charlie Batch (or should I say, "Leftwich") role last week, covering topics ranging from Trenni Kusnierek to "Tourette's Guy" to his softball team. His style is a little different from mine, but apparently some people didn't notice, as I got numerous emails scolding me for things that he wrote as if I wrote them. We both found that pretty amusing. But Dave did a great job in relief and I thank him for it.
My inbox is overflowing with links, tips, and questions, so I'll be tackling that this week with a large "Mailbag" column. I have another interesting interview lined up, and lots of Steeler-related goodies to share as well; so stay tuned and check back often as I get back in the swing of things.
If anything interesting comes your way, feel free to add it to the heap:
Now back to our regularly scheduled programming.

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