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That was a pretty stressful day, no? Well, at least it was for me.
If you've missed the action yesterday, here's a recap. I'm happy to report that all looks to be well from a technical point-of-view. I started a temporary blog called Mondesi's Guest House just to keep up with the posts, but they have all been posted below. You missed, in order, Raul Mondesi negotating a hostage situation, my introduction of Jason Bay to a Boston blog (by the way, what a debut he had last night), and ESPN 1250 adding Jerome Bettis to their new lineup.
Next week will be an interesting one. My brother Dave (who also goes by the nickname of "Ramon Mondesi") will be running the show for a few days in my absence, and we already have a full schedule of events planned, including an interview with a Pittsburgh sports media member, the next edition of "The Legacy Of...", a new post from guest contributor A.J. from 105.9 the X, and whatever else Ramon can come up with.
You can continue to send any tips, links, news, or feedback to if something interesting pops up on your screen. And now, back to your regularly scheduled blogging.

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