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A reader tipped me off to this, so I'll leave this up to you, the internet detectives. A Craigslist post entitled, "Pittsburgh Steelers dog needs a new home b4 training camp! (North Hills)", makes it look like an active Steeler who lives in the North Hills and recently had a baby boy is trying to unload a one-year-old, female blue Pit Bull. The deal includes an autographed photo if a good home is found before training camp.

So tell me, educated Steeler Nation, is this real, and who is the player?

*This isn't some teaser...I really don't know.

Pittsburgh Steelers dog needs a new home b4 training camp! (North Hills) [Craigslist]


Anonymous said...

Delton Hall

thenic said...

Marvel Smith?

HotDog_Zanzabar said...

After some exhaustive research, I'm narrowing it down to McFadden, Reid or Timmons